Monday, February 14, 2011

When it's is something about "Trust, Honest & Hope"!

Hi korang semua? Apa khabar? Sihat? Mesti korang semua sihatkan. Hari ni saya betul2 rasa macam dah kehilangan diri saya dalam hidup saya ini apabila orang yang saya sayangkan itu mempermainkan atau memperbodohkan saya! Korang semua pernah rasa sakit macam ini tak? Mungkin separuh tu ada dan mungkin separuh tu takder so kepada yang tak pernah tu harap2 korang akan bersedia untuk menghadapinya dengan hati yang tabah sebab perasaan ini jauh lebih sakit daripada putus cinta sebab nantilah korang akan tau bila korang rasa nanti.

Jom kita cita pasal "Trust" dulu! What is trust? The main question of our life? Trust is you believe the person you love will be hold you forever and ever but at the same time it'll broke once after the moment you feel you was being played so idiot by the person that you love! I'm talking about this on my own experience and I've faced this alot in my life when I get into a relationship! I don't know why I'm being such stupid bitch and until todate I haven't discover the answer yet and I don't know where I should get the answer though!I just don't want to tell what happen today until I write this but I feel so god damn fucking stupid when I'm writing this. I'm so much disappointed with myself.

Now let us talk about the Honest! What is hope? Especially when it comes to the point of love? What is hope in honest? Are you guys being honest to your love one? Yes I do truly honest to him until I tell everything that happened and happening in my life but when it come to him, I just can't understand why he just can be the same with me? Or maybe he think I should tell him everything and he no need to do that simply because I believe and honest to him? I mean what's the point only one party being honest in love while the other are not? So what's the point?

Last part "Hope"! What is hope and especially when it comes in love? What will you guys will hope from your love want? If you guys ask him I'll always look form love, care, trust and honest! That's the only things that I want the most from him, I don't want his money or what ever he've but those four is enough for me. I don't want much from him, this those above. I know it's hard but at least can try and not keep giving reasons instead.

So, I've no words after I found out something but he'll have my words. No matter what happen between us, I'll always beside and support him with my full heart. Well guys, I'm a kind of person where if I lost my trust on you that all, don't dream that I'll accept you back in my life even friend! Anyway, let see what's his answer for it and I'll post it tomorrow or a day later.