Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Onward & Upward!

As I said in the earlier post about my new career path which going to start on 3rd of September, which much alike my previous post as administrator. I do had a plan move to KL by end of the year but never though it happen much earlier that I expected.

It was a total of 3 years 7 month where I spent most of time at Penjom but it's not wise to say I'm not happy working there. I was really happy to work at Penjom indeed but that was up to only May this year and the nightmare started on 1st June where started my new post as purchasing coordinator with a Indian sarcastic man! Sorry guys, I'm not against Indian people not racist, my mum is Indian too but this Indian man, my department manage, purchasing department.

It's all happen on May this year when after the weekly meeting with all HOD, this man wanted to meet me. When he mentioned that, I already know that he wanted to offer something, I'm much certain because he'd offer me as purchasing officer before. At the same time, I'm so sure why he always spot me at all time no matter what and again guys, he is not gay and I don't have taste on him neither.

All went as I expected, he'd offered me the purchasing coordinator position which drawn me to a undeniable expectation. I mean come on people, I spent 3 years as a administrator which I already learn every single things about administration and I do believe this new post or opportunity will assist me to learn something more new things for my career even though I always wanted to be a lawyer as I'd always dream about.

Yes, I'd accept the offer with wide open heart and that man offered me bunch of programs and promises, yet I don't want to argue about the promises because all manager will do that when they wanted to drag someone to their management. I was happily joined that department even though I know most that department people don't like me to join over them, who cares anyway haha. Even I know I'm not happy but I convince myself to endure it because I always believe I can do it no matter what.

First month few weeks, yes, indeed everything went well and I made most of the changes in terms of the department system, administration wise, human resource and warehouse system. People in the department started to accept me and welcome me to be apart of their team and I never believed anyone in my life no matter they nice to me or cruel to me, for me, all the human are the same include me where can never run away from to be nice in front and to be cruel at the back.

I don't know when it started but I noticed some changes with that Indian man, he started to against my ideas, my plan and everything that I do and I did make him not happy and he'll have his own reason to reject them.I started to realize about that man changes, no one can ever know more than him, no one can fight against him, and all must follow his thought. For god sake Indian man, you chosen a wrong one for your team, that's me. I'm not going to be a dead man to hear all what he said, oh hell now people, I'll fight if I think it is wrong and he don't like it and I can't help it, A BIG SORRY for you man!

My ex-boss offered me a perfect position at his place at the right time, I'm not going to stick with this guy for rest of the month, hell NO for that! So, I decided to quit and joined my ex-boss! I'm happy now, happy for my ex-boss which already be my boss again now, flexible working hours, flexible leave day and ect. 

However, I found myself this story quit boring tho and I don't know why I still decided to post this up, perhaps just for the memory haha! Adding to this, yes, I'll be working at KL starting next month. Even it's happen so sudden but I believe in one quote "everything happens for a reason", this will be help me for my future especially for my career and studies wise.

Let's end this chapter here and will tell you people about the love story tomorrow, how about that? Haha! 

Late Raya Wishes...!

To all my Muslim's friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and maaf Zahir Batin. It's a bit weird indeed to wish after the real day if Raya but I believe it's not too late to wish now since Raya will be one month period! Anyhow, don't blame me for the late wishing, blame the damn bloody TM port that always down when lightning and only got back to online today morning which made me felt much alive.

Sorry for being away for quit sometime, what else reason could other than busy with study right! Am I missed out to say busy with work? Yes, I am! I already quit my job from my current company as purchasing coordinator and will continue my work with my ex boss at Bangsar, KL next month, which I'm on my annual leave start 1st August till 31st August.

There's so much of story, real story that I wanted to share with all of you, about my personal life, work life (of course the new one) and the exciting one. Guess which one? Haha my love section of course! Well, I don't happy to mix up raya wishes with my personal content so let the personal chapter be a independent section though. Otherwise, Selamat Hari Raya once again to all of you!