Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coming Out....

Coming out…

I’m ready to come out actually! After all this tough years struggling to show my true identity but with condition of course. I cant just go out and tell people that I’m day, gile aper!

When I realised that I am gay, the first thing that was crossed my mind how should I tell parents about this, you know lah all this kampung old people. Imagine if I tell them that Im gay and they will be like “what was that? Food or something?” But compare to current calture, we all know what is that mean, even a kid know what is that.

I have been struggling with my own feeling by covering up with people around me and all of you guys are under same tunnel, arent you guys? I think Im gay for the passed 13 years and the first person know that I’m gay is my foster sister and she accept me as I am and some of my friends know which I couldn’t care much, you know lah all this chinese thinking!

I haven’t think about coming out for so many years, but until recently, when I moved in to stay with my family member and started to have some problem but she said she knew that I’m gay and het know my boyfriend too. Well, why I move in at the first place is a entirely different story.

So when we started to have problem and my bf knew about it because I share everything with him and this is when I decided that I’m ready to coe out actually. My parents aware of the issue but didn’t know what I am but I bet one day she’ll definitely tell them which I’m ready to face it.

I know it’s not a nice thing to know by the parents but how long I need to run from the reality, I’m tired and can’t afford to run anymore. Well, I’m prepared myself to face the worst and not worry at all, I have got a good career with a good position and pay, have all the contigency plan ready and above all, have a full supportive boyfriend who stood beside me all times.

So this is it, I don’t care anymore and I’m ready to come out!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince