Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things just didn't work out...

Sorry for being away for a while, I'm just too much busy with my life! Everything is seems so rushing in my life but things just didn't work out between me and Alif recently until we reached the point where needed to make a ultimate decision by me.

Alif just doesn't know what he want in his life and to be honest, he never love me at all for over the 1 year but he be with me just as friend. Well, I'm not blame him because I know love can't be force but it must grow itself in heart.

But I believe that 1 year time is indeed sufficient to understand a person feelings towards you and I'm tired to expressing my feelings at Alif. I though he'd love me but I was wrong and it was total misunderstanding by me he told me. He did everything just as as friend so which mean I'm the one who acted like stupid and putting love on him!

I'm tired of sacrificing for protect this relationship all this while but I never see Alif effort to make things better. There's no point only one person sacrifice in a relationship and at last I made a ultimate decision to end this relationship and because friend as he always wanted, he agree for it and seems really happy too.

I'm sad, yes! But 80% I'm happy at least I no need to worry about to protect this relationship alone and I'm happy because I know I made a right decision. New relationship, not at this point of stage I say but I may review it in future as there's a cool and romantic guy putting his effort to get me name, ken! Mix Japanese, tall, very tall 194cm which I'm not up to his shoulder. Let's talk more about him later and welcome me back to SINGLE life!!!