Saturday, November 19, 2011

HIV test....!

Me: Awk, sejak kebelakangan ni saya asyik rasa letih lah wak :(

Alif: Knp? Awk tak tak cukup rehat tu :)

Me: Entahlah wak, saya tadi ada baca tanda2 HIV wak

Alif: Knp tiba2 nak baca benda macam tu?

Me: Xderlah wak, entah saya tiba2 terbaca hehe

Alif: So, apa yang dier tulis dalam tu?

Me: Dier tulis kalau ada HIV akan rasa letih, berat badan akan menurun, sering sakit kepala,
xder selere nak makan tapi saya ok jew nak waktu makan heheheh

Alif: Awk, Awk rasa letih sebab awk tak cukup rehat, berat badan awk xpernah turun lah wak asyik 50kg jew dari dulu sampai skrg hehehe awk sakit kepala sebab awk ada migrain. Pasal makan tu awk ada jew kot selere nak makan hahahaha

Me: Awk jahat heheheh awk, saya skrg ke klinik ambik ubat demam. Leh tak kalau nak buat HIV test sekali just untuk precaution wak..

Alif: Hmmm buat jewlah, alang2 dah pergi tu

Me: Baik tuan!

Yes, I'd the HIV test. It was so damn scary waiting for the result to come out. I did the test on monday and the result expected to come on friday!

Me: Awk, saya dah buat test. Result akan kuar jumaat nanti. Habis darah saya wak :(

Alif: Hmmm ok lah tu. Knp plak darah habis?

Me: Yerlah wak, dahlah sikit jew darah itupun doktor dah curi hehehe

Alif: Awk ni hahahaha

Me: Wak, saya takutlah wak..takut result tu nanti :(

Alif: Eh awk ni...xder apa lah. Kita fikir positive k :)

Me: Ok wak thanks :)

Day by day, on wednesday evening at about 6pm doctor text me regarding the result.

Doc: Pat, your result is out.

Me: Hmmm let's hear it!

Doc: Hahaha good news, you free from HIV test hahahaa

Me: Hahahah OMG! Thank you so much doctor hehe will visit you tomorrow

Doc: Sure, will looking forward to meet you as well :)

Me: Awk...result dah kuar...yeayyyyyy saya free dari HIV hahaha

Alif: Syukur allahmdullilah (sorry if the spelling is wrong)

Me: hahahah wak...I miss you hehe

Alif: Miss u 2

Yes guys, I'd HIV test which is good to know my own health condition. Alif also want to do the test as well. Is not about you had sex with who but it about your health to know the status.

I did mine and when is your turn?

Do you trust him....???

Well, not one but more ask me this question over and over! Do you trust whatever Alif said to you? What would my answer will be other than 'yes, of course I trust him'! Yes, I'd said before trust no one in your life except yourself but when it comes to a relationship you must trust partner as how you trust yourself.

Yes, it's risky to trust a person but when it's about relationship, is nothing without trust! Me and Alif is living really far away, not even meeting every week like before but I trust him and he trust me. Love is all about trust each other! What ever me and Alif doing, we always will inform each other no matter important or not. Sometime, yes he'd stopping me from doing something and I never consider that as a he taking control over me but rather think positive as he taking care of me, who know better what's good and bad.

We all are learning everyday and I always learn new things and behavior from Alif indirectly. I know about Alif, know better than others. That is why when people say something like want to tackle him, I'll always say go ahead because I know who is Alif and how will he react :)

Trust me, love will never workout without trust! If you really love a person then you've to trust your lover. As for me, I always trust Alif and he'll never lie to me. Even if there is, I'm sure he have reasonable reason for it :)

I love you wak heheh :p