Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creating My Own Foot Step!

Good morning everyone, apa khabaq? Ada baik kar? Sorry lak horang, aku sibuk sangat ngan kerja dan hidup saya yang mewah ini hahahahah. Selalu jew orang ngorat aku masa jogging, kat tempat kerja dan mana2 sajew saya pergi...stress tau hahahahah lagi pun Nu'man marah saya suruh update blog sebab itulah walaupun busy gigih nak update blog hahaha Ok lah back to the entry today, after so much of things that was happened in my life especially my love and friendship life with few people which make me feel I'm stupid! After all I felt that why I must be sad for those people that don't want to be friend with me, they should be sad instead. I know I'm not perfect but that reason is not good enough to end a relationship in a flip!

I don't know how good I am but at least I know I'm trying my level best to be best one. Thanks for those who'd supported me especially bang Zack, bang Adam, bang John, Nu'man and ect. After so much things happens in my life and I decided to create my own foot step in my life where I can be proud of myself in future. Sometime I felt proud of myself with my achievement, I'm just 21 and in a higher position where my boss believed and trusted in myself that I can do better than others, perhaps! In this young age, I'd faced a lot in my life and all those things taught me how to be more matured in my life. I always keep myself motivated and yes I admit that sometime I felt so down with no mood with myself but yet I'll motivate myself and torture myself to forget those past things. I mean what's the point keep thinking about that while it left a scar in my heart right, is better for me to move with my life.

I wouldn't say that my love life had ended but it had grown more matured indeed. I'd told you guys that a guy name Safar is trying to tackling me right! Guess what, at last he win my heart with bravery. One thing about him, he is really understanding and lovely guy ever I met in my life before. Is almost a month I know him, he never intended to hurt my feeling but rather make me feel happy and laugh all the time instead. He's not that handsome as other but I love his heart, childish heart which make me feel so comfortable with him and love him without fear. He always talk about both of us and he'd told me that I'm his first love in his life and so nerves thinking about our future. I told him to hold on and not go to too far for this time being but is good to have those planning in hand. He'll always massage and told me everything that he's doing all the day and guess what he's an korean drama addict like me as well. The most funniest part was that he told his family that he already had someone on his life hahahaha which make me laugh like hell. But anyway, I'm happy with him. As I said before, love's happen when you stop judging people and accept who they are, now I accept him with who he is now and I know he is right choice for me.

Back to my work life, hmmm not much though but at least I'm dealing with my own self without care about the others especially my foster sister who treating my like a shit. I started to hate her for hating and avoiding without letting me know the reason why she have to do so which make me feel so irritated. As you all know, the moment I started to hate someone I'll never look back at them but I came to know that why should I waste my time by hating other and why not use the time for some other things that make me happy right. Now I just being invisible with everyone, if they smile I'll return the smile, if they talk I'll reply the talk that all. No more than that and why should I? No reason and I think it's the right way!

Now is time for me to do the best for myself and let other proud of me. There's much more thing that I need to learn and experience it, I think is not too late for to do that. I love myself, just simply love myself and I know what am I doing. I can live my life without others but sometime I still need someone to hold my hand and that will be Safar, I hope he'll. No matter how many times I fall, I'll rise again with myself. Yes it hard to everything by my own but yet it taught me to be matured and how to handle it in future.

Ok, is time for see Safar picture hehehe enjoy :

ps: sorry guys, I felt like doing this entry in english all of sudden. Hope you guys enjoy ok.....
pss: Nu'man , nak I dah update entry baru hehehe.