Monday, September 26, 2011

No more hostel life hahax..!

Halo guys, guess what. No more hostel life for me anymore hahax because I already rent a room for myself at KL which I can go whenever I want. It'll only be my room after this, thought will be there on every friday evening until sunday evening and will be back to pahang after that, as usual for working hahax.

Let's see some photo of the room!

~Before start to deco the room~

~The cabinet that I bought (all in box theme) hahax

~Hahax indeed need some little more work in this hahax but better than previous!

By the way, I didn't deco the room at all but Alif did it. Yes, he the one who did everything. I just help on little little things. He helped me so much on this, he even got scar during move the cabinet to a side which make me so sad look at him but he is so lovely. I owe him a big time indeed!

PS: Safar burst out when he know that Alif help me and spent that night sleeping with me. Hey guys come one, he is gentlemen ok because he not even touch me with his finger!