Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome me back...

Indeed it's been a while I'm away from the blog due to mainly about work and my life, nothing much about the study, it's on going process so nothing much to talk about it. So much of things that I've been gone through during the hibernation period from blog. I can't write everything because I've got lot's to tell and write, to share perhaps. I do miss my blogs everyday, whenever I wanted to write but I was really tired mentally and physically after work, so much things needed my attention to sort things out.

There's a huge changes in my work life, in my career path to be precise. As all of you aware, my ex boss (David) was resigned and my department was "bossless" for 6 month where the responsibilities on manager fall on few people shoulder and I was one of those. During that period, my department was split into two main department and I was located under Mine Technical Department, not to forget I was been the most of time as acting manager. It was a total nightmare by facing top management but still I able to handle and solve those issue wisely.

I still remember, it was on 23rd of may 2012, purchasing department manager wanted to meet me after my weekly production meeting. I though it was a normal discussion with him about works but he offered me a opportunity to expend my career knowledge in a total new world and a total new working environment. At first, I was about to reject the offer but he reluctantly want me to re-think about the offer and get back to him and the time that he gave me is only about 8 hours to decide. In that 8 hours, I was struggle to make a right decision but the next morning I decided to accept the offer. I officially joined purchasing department as purchasing superintendent on 1st of June 2012 and it's been 22 days. Anyway, let me share more about work next time. 

Now, let's us talk about my life. There comes a interesting part that you guys always waited for hahaha. In terms of myself, I'm going crazy because I'm just doing everything that I like but one must be excluded when I say everything which is having fun. Finally I realize that it's the time to pamper myself with everything I wanted. Guess what I warded for myself this year...want to see? 

A samsung Air-Cond....*just ignore the ugly part down there*

Guess what I've now, The New Ipad!!! hahaha finally...

Not enough with this, I'm thinking to get MacBookPro soon by this or next month. I'm going to be Apple family soon haha.

Coming to my love life, hmm how to say. Yes, I'm dating with a guy name Jef, a doctor at KL government hospital. Know him for quite some time and we been dating for almost 3 months now. Both of us yet to think about the commitment, the main reason is because we like the way we are right now. Plus to this, both of us pretty occupied with our own schedule especially him, what else you can aspect from a doctor time table. Alright, I'm not going to expose too much about my love life for now, let's save it for the coming entry. So for now, just stay tune hahax....