Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lesson Learned......

I'm sure most of you are aware of the recent incident about me and Zam. I don't want to comment more on that part since I'm trying to get rid of it. As I said before, I been straight forward with Zam that I cannot continue have feelings on him anymore and he know the reasons. However, I can't ask him to stop the feelings on me because that's his right and who am I to say no. Love have no border so if he still love me then it is his problem not mine, as for me I already close the chapter.

I do received lots of comment for such incident, some do comment in the blog, some do text me, some do called me and some do drop me massage in FB. Thanks guys and I do appreciate all those comments and at the same time I do lost my dignity. I indeed shamed myself by have such feelings on others while having someone in my life. I can never forgive myself for this and will find a perfect time to talk with Alif about this, I'll let him to make the decision and I'll obey for it no matter what he decide.

At this moment I'm trying to recover from the guilty feelings which hunting me for almost everyday. I know some would say not to worry because I've never done anything yet but one must remember even love have no border but you shall give your heart to only one person which deserve for it!

I always learn from the mistake and this mistake indeed tough me a big lesson. Human are always easy to make mistake but the matter of point is whether did we learn from it or not. When ever before I did something, I will always remind myself to think twice. Let's learn together :)