Monday, October 10, 2011

My special birthday present...!

Hey everyone, hope you all doing well. My october month really started with rushing! Damn, I hate that. I was really busy with my room decoration with Alif, buying stuff for room. Rushing for class and ect.

The most rushing part was that I was rushing to my foster sister wedding at Sabah, it was a long story. Actually, I was planned with my friend to attend her wedding but ended up with he cannot make it, so I've to cancel to attend the wedding too. At last, I was get fired by my sister and her husband with AK 47 so apparently, I attended the wedding at last. Hahax which was really fun for me even it is a short trip but happy enough to see my sister get married. Was fly to Sabah on friday night 8pm MAS flight at KLIA and back to KL on saturday evening Air Asia flight 3.45pm which was delayed for almost more than 1 hours! GOD...!!! Hope Air asia really know how to update their notification, is like shit!

Ok, let get to the point. For my coming birthday which is on 17th October next week monday, I want to make a bit different this time. If there's anyone which is my beloved follower and my silent reader wanted to meet me, is my pleasure. I'm willing to meet you guys on:

Saturday : from 9am to 2pm, 8pm to 10pm.
Sunday : from 9am to 12pm

Those who wanted to meet, I've problem with it. I'll be really happy if there is any and your wishes is more than enough as present for my birthday :) Therefore, kindly drop an email to this add to fix the date, time and place. Once everything is set, we'll take it from there, cheers guys :)