Monday, August 8, 2011

All about my life....Part 3! ~ Then End

Well guys, I think it's the perfect time for me to end this topic and not to drag anymore, this is the perfect time since I'm not the right mood though. Yes, I know I'm strong and have the strength to face the challenges but one should keep in that I'm also human like others who have feelings. Recently I realized that my responsibilities is getter more and more by day by day but I know I can do it, perhaps need some time to make myself get used to it.

I'm trying my level best to get everything accordingly for this time being and just let it be! Sometime I just need to understand that not everything I can manage nor can change but rather let it change itself or let it as what it is.Even I'm getting tired of everything but nothing stop me to rise again.

What I'd learn and had been tought me is not enough where need to learn more and more, not matter how much I learn it'll never fulfill my life journey. There's a time where some of my friends told me that "better do nothing than do something and waste my time" but I told them back "at least I learn something by doing something rather do nothing", all of them kept quite and look at me. I don't know what's their though about me at that time but they smile at me, don't know what's that supposed to mean.

Anyway, I think is time for me to end this chapter! Can't believe that my first short entry but there's nothing I can write anymore. There's still alot of that can talk about me but just not in the right mood as I told earlier. I want to sleep by forgetting everything and sleep peacefully rather than think and mess up my mind.