Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love or Lust....?

Love or Lust? …

I often wonder with some people whether are they truly in love or just lust. Im not talkning about me haha because I already married to my huasband of course which is a lifelong love, cannot belok2 one!

Korang tau kan there are many terms for relationship especially for gay, LTR, Open Relationship, ONS and so many. But this is especially for those in LTR yet still on grindr, hornet and other gays apps which is available for download free.

I mean, I don’t accuse anyone nor saying they are not faithful to their partner but do you really need that kind of social stuff even after you have someone in your life? So, I’d some survey about this and some of them answer me with a surprise answer.

20% of them answer me saying they looking for friends in the app but my question is, do you really need to looking for in that way? I mean make friends are good because we do and I do need friend also but there approriate way looking for friends tho.

10% of them told me just for time pass, nothing much. Just launch the app and see who is online or stalking that all. Macam takleh nak caye jew dok lepak lah konon haha.

The balance 70% was shocked me, they were there looking for fun actually. I was like what the fuck! They why you’re even in the relationship with your partner? Does it really call love or lust? I mean this is crazy and what is wrong with this people. You already have someone for your to suck and fuck, or get fucked if you’re bottom of course…oh damn, my husband and me got so much skill on bed now! Ok lets not go there!!!!

Are those guy really good compared to what your partner can offer you? The most important that is love not sex, I mean sex is a requirement for love but don’t be a slave for sex. Entahlah, rase jijik kot having sex with strangers and imagine when you having sex and imagining your partner. Oh my god, I can never imagining cheating my husband even after I die because I love him so much more than my soul.

Hahaha all the fish at my kaki...

I might be a tradition type when it comes to relationship and all this social application but still can’t accept the excuses for having those apps after you in a relationship. What you guys think?

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

New Hobby

New Hobby

Hi guys, new year treat all of you well? Oh yeah, I wanted to ask what was your new year resolution? Have you guys achieved last year resolution or push forward this year? Hahaha even I pushed forward to this year…nak six pack konon….hahah padahal stay 1 pack jew….laki jew yang fit sekarang…hari2 dok boxing atas katil….

Anyway, I have so much to write but due to time limitation, so much pending in my head. New semestar just started, so many planning for travel with husband. Seriously kot, dulu tak pernah nak fikir pasal travel sebab dah kinda confortable with the busy life.

But after kenal husband yang suka travel and kerje plak in a hotel line kan, haruslah gunakan chance yang ada haha. So far we’re yet to travel to oversea, we went to PD for 3 days but it was really fun, nothing to complaint.

When it comes to travel, all I need to do is to tell him where I wish to go, the next thing is you’ll get all the information from him. Most of the time, erkkkk all the time he is the pro in planning in travel so I just goyang kaki jewlah haha. About the cost, we normally share half like I pay for flight and he pay for the accomodation.

And guess what, this was my new hobby now and cant wait to explore the world together with him. Its going to be the most wonderful experience to travel along with the one I love the most in my life after my parents.

So, the next destination is Kuching. Leaving end of this month and will be there for 3 days and the next honeymoon maybe at Bali haha! Bang Dam jangan meroyan yer kalau tak jadi ke bangkok!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince