Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm back!

I’m Back!

Good morning yaw! I’m back again after being attacked by few loyal reader haha, thanks for me loving me opps sorry, loving my writing yeah. (Nampak tak slang Australia!) Anyway, my reason always gonna be the same, busy with work and I’m back to student world again. Work is hitting me up daily but yet still got time to stalk few oh my favourite blog and about studies, nothing much just a planned to get one more degree instead of doing Master for now.

Been away for 2 month from blogging nothing change much thought except hitting the gym for past one month haha. Otherwise, nothing much excited stuff crossed my mind for now. If you guys wondering what’s happen to my life related to love, hmmm I would say single is always the best. Nah, been single for almost half year now or more (who counted it, right!) but life been much loosen up from thinking someone who never loved me before.

This is for a reader who wanted to know my love life haha! He seems like eager to know so, here you go ;)

It’s kinda funny when you rewind back all those memory with someone who you thought they love you as you love them, but soon after you realize that the person you love never had feelings for’ya. Don’t you feel like you’re stupid for wasting your time for someone who are not deserve it at all? This is what happen in all my three relationship but I decided to not let it hold me from moving on but deep down in my heart, I know how hurt it is but being around the coolest family and friends it’s healed a little.

Other than, nothing much. Life is going on as usual doing my own stuff around and that’s all for now. More to come later yeah. Until then, see’ya guys!

Ps: Thanks for hold on tight with me for such a long period J you guys are the best!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince