Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cerpen - Kisah Kita

Cerpen Kisah Kita – a story an ordinary PLU life written by one of my friend.

The writer really knows how to make us feel the character while reading the story. The story is all about the PLU love but there’s a different about this story and the character.

I personally have had read the story for more than 10 times, never got me boring but brings me joy and taught me how should a PLU to be in my daily life. There are some characters which make me you feel like want to be one because the qualities shown by the character in the story.

Arri         -              A PLU guy with a totally different kind of mentally compared to an ordinary PLU’s
especially when it comes to sacrifices!

Hakimi  -              Definitely a romantic guy and comes with a good package. Know how to appreciate

There are few more characters which brings more interesting moment in this story. Want to know about or can’t wait to read the story. Here’s the link – Cerpen Kisah Kita

#Prince said: A beautiful story I can say! Don't forget to like the page too yar, peace!

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