Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey guys, my second post today!

I have a piece of Health Screening Voucher worth RM 299.00 at Beacon Health, Selangor.

By all means, anyone of you can have it. All you need to do is email me via contact link at the side bar below.

Don’t forget to put your details like


1st come 1st serve yeah haha! No contest no nothing, it is as simple as that. If you think you are not felt well recently, this might be a good chance to do the screening.

Oh yeah, it’s valid until 31st of December 2015! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab it!

Until then,
So & So

Wo Jiao Patrick

Helping Others

I have seen so much throughout my life till today, I am not from a wealthy family who waking at 10am every morning, eating well breakfast, home schooling or even having a 3 storey house. I’m just a normal kid who was brought up by my lovely and perfect parents who are a middle class family.

My parents always taught me to be more appreciate of what I have in my life and often I saw the difficult times in my family. Many things happen, many sorrow passed, many tears fell. Those are the past experience for an ordinary life!

So, I promised myself if I success in my life when I grow up, I will try to help those in needs by contributing at least what I can with what I have. We are living only this one life, why not doing something meaningful and make others happy. Seeing smiling face on someone else is one of the best things that can happen to your life.

I know we are not rich or don’t have any support to lending the needs to others but offering a smile to show people in needs that you’re with them and pray for them, it won’t help much but at least letting the others knows they have someone who can understand what they are going.

And, I have came up with this idea of asking all my readers and followers to help me on what you can. I’m not asking you to donate money or so, but just a click is all I needed. You’ll notice 3 advertisement, 2 is at right side bar (1 is still under maintenance) and 1 is under each entry. Each click will donate RM0.25, not much but it is something for them.

I am not sure yet how nuffang and google will pay it out, but I think I can click withdraw when it reach about RM50. Once I get the money, I’ll list out the items that I buy for them and post it here with their pictures.

Again, I am not forcing you to click but if you did, thanks, you just helped someone!

Until then,
So & So

Wo Jiao Patrick

Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm Back!

I’m back!

And I decided to come back to blogging world, kinda drama king lah me! Haha…..

The reason why I decided to delete my blog earlier is because I felt like I have too much social apps like wechat, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter, blog and tumblr. So I was thingking like must cut down a few and my blog became the victim of it haha. Plus, I do not want to keep all my past sour memories with me, not that because I have happy life now but some time revising back those old days memories, I felt so ugly!

I was kinda active in Tumblr for a while but looking back to all my hard work that I invested in my blog designing and the writing and above all, all my followers who been with me all this while. I couldn’t abandon them with no reason, I believe they do read my writings about my life all this while.

However, at one point of time, I do felt like keeping a boundary or limit myself in sharing what is happening in my life, just want to be felt exclusive some time. I do often remind myself that letting people know what is happening in my life, it can be guidance for others. I have this feeling of helping peoples recently, I have got so much of plan and thinking that is connecting in my small and cute brain.

Saying this, I do limit myself for not posting any kind of personal photos of me and photos that involved me. If you really do wanna know what is going on my daily life, then you may request for my Instagram or facebook or even twitter ID, but remember to request it via personal channel either by email or leave your email in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

Many things that in my brain that I do want to share but due to time constraint, I couldn’t write so much at the moment. But but, I’ll come back soon and write more and more just for you guys.  

And yeah, most of you must aware that I have changed the URL of my blog to and also changed the team of my blog so make it whither and nicer haha! My heart is pure maaaaaaa!!!! *roll eyes*

Until then,
So & So

Wo Jiao Patrick

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hey guys,

Its been in mind for some time but finally today I have made my mind that today, at 10pm, this blog will be no longer available. I'll officially closing down the blog and moving to somewhere that I can be myself.

It doesn't mean that I'm not and I can't be myself here but feel kinda trapped. I want freedom and I'm ready to face all challenges. I know you'll ask why need to close down this blog, well, feel too messy to have so much social things around me. Wanting to keep something simple, nice and neat. 

But anyway, for those who know's me close, you can still follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook. 

For the rest, thanks for following me since the beginning but the time has come to say good bye! Thanks for the 6 years of wonderful time in blogging, we built the friendship together throughout the journey. 

Often, the farewell that hurts the most in our life. But there will be an end for everything and leaving the memory behind for everyone, this time, I'm taking all the memory with me together for the rest of my journey. 

Dear bloggers, it was an honor for being part of the life journey we shared together here. I wish all of you the best of luck in your life journey and may god bless all of you. 

Trust me, the blog was the best memory that I ever had in my life. 

Together with this, the email and also the facebook for blog will be closing the same time as well. So, if anyone want to catch up, please drop and email or drop an message in FB. 

See you everyone! 

The Legends Prince

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Who do I support?

Who do I support?

Whoa whoa whoa, my blog are full of spider webs! Alright alright, I’m back now everyone. Ok, without dragging too much lets get to business.

Ok lets see the title today, what am I going to talk about? This time, I am not talking about my personal life nor my marriage life (like seriously?)! whatever right, its my blog and I can share my opinion too, who cares after all!

I’m sure more of us are aware ok correction in my words, most of us know what’s going in our country political matters. First of all, I am not turning my blog into politics or whatsoever, I am just giving my point of view because there are many people questioned me who do I support, to put it in other ways are which political party I’m supporting.

To be honest, I support no one actually. The statement might against with my future paragraph but really, I don’t support anyone actually  but I do vote haha, well you do need to vote actually if you’re above 21.

Looking at the current PM, yes there are corruption, even Tun M have his own corruption but he played in a risk free way I would say haha (a serious accusation!) but anyway, I do not support any political party.

All I am looking for are a clean and corruption free government who can promise the public and uphold their words as it is. Yes, the cost of living now had increased now with GST for taxes over the taxes, with our current currency exchange rate.

Again and again, my statement could over write what I stated above, to have a clean government, we must vote for on political party right. I just feel like every time we have election, we are like putting our future to someone that we ourselves uncertain of them. I mean, all political party are same tho, first they have this sweet corn mouth, and we vote but at last they just pee on us!

But certainly we do need changes in our system especially to the government. So choose wise this time people, and I hope this time entries will not lead me to be charged under seditious act haha!

So keep up people, more entries are coming up yeah!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coming Out....

Coming out…

I’m ready to come out actually! After all this tough years struggling to show my true identity but with condition of course. I cant just go out and tell people that I’m day, gile aper!

When I realised that I am gay, the first thing that was crossed my mind how should I tell parents about this, you know lah all this kampung old people. Imagine if I tell them that Im gay and they will be like “what was that? Food or something?” But compare to current calture, we all know what is that mean, even a kid know what is that.

I have been struggling with my own feeling by covering up with people around me and all of you guys are under same tunnel, arent you guys? I think Im gay for the passed 13 years and the first person know that I’m gay is my foster sister and she accept me as I am and some of my friends know which I couldn’t care much, you know lah all this chinese thinking!

I haven’t think about coming out for so many years, but until recently, when I moved in to stay with my family member and started to have some problem but she said she knew that I’m gay and het know my boyfriend too. Well, why I move in at the first place is a entirely different story.

So when we started to have problem and my bf knew about it because I share everything with him and this is when I decided that I’m ready to coe out actually. My parents aware of the issue but didn’t know what I am but I bet one day she’ll definitely tell them which I’m ready to face it.

I know it’s not a nice thing to know by the parents but how long I need to run from the reality, I’m tired and can’t afford to run anymore. Well, I’m prepared myself to face the worst and not worry at all, I have got a good career with a good position and pay, have all the contigency plan ready and above all, have a full supportive boyfriend who stood beside me all times.

So this is it, I don’t care anymore and I’m ready to come out!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love or Lust....?

Love or Lust? …

I often wonder with some people whether are they truly in love or just lust. Im not talkning about me haha because I already married to my huasband of course which is a lifelong love, cannot belok2 one!

Korang tau kan there are many terms for relationship especially for gay, LTR, Open Relationship, ONS and so many. But this is especially for those in LTR yet still on grindr, hornet and other gays apps which is available for download free.

I mean, I don’t accuse anyone nor saying they are not faithful to their partner but do you really need that kind of social stuff even after you have someone in your life? So, I’d some survey about this and some of them answer me with a surprise answer.

20% of them answer me saying they looking for friends in the app but my question is, do you really need to looking for in that way? I mean make friends are good because we do and I do need friend also but there approriate way looking for friends tho.

10% of them told me just for time pass, nothing much. Just launch the app and see who is online or stalking that all. Macam takleh nak caye jew dok lepak lah konon haha.

The balance 70% was shocked me, they were there looking for fun actually. I was like what the fuck! They why you’re even in the relationship with your partner? Does it really call love or lust? I mean this is crazy and what is wrong with this people. You already have someone for your to suck and fuck, or get fucked if you’re bottom of course…oh damn, my husband and me got so much skill on bed now! Ok lets not go there!!!!

Are those guy really good compared to what your partner can offer you? The most important that is love not sex, I mean sex is a requirement for love but don’t be a slave for sex. Entahlah, rase jijik kot having sex with strangers and imagine when you having sex and imagining your partner. Oh my god, I can never imagining cheating my husband even after I die because I love him so much more than my soul.

Hahaha all the fish at my kaki...

I might be a tradition type when it comes to relationship and all this social application but still can’t accept the excuses for having those apps after you in a relationship. What you guys think?

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince