Sunday, September 27, 2015

Who do I support?

Who do I support?

Whoa whoa whoa, my blog are full of spider webs! Alright alright, I’m back now everyone. Ok, without dragging too much lets get to business.

Ok lets see the title today, what am I going to talk about? This time, I am not talking about my personal life nor my marriage life (like seriously?)! whatever right, its my blog and I can share my opinion too, who cares after all!

I’m sure more of us are aware ok correction in my words, most of us know what’s going in our country political matters. First of all, I am not turning my blog into politics or whatsoever, I am just giving my point of view because there are many people questioned me who do I support, to put it in other ways are which political party I’m supporting.

To be honest, I support no one actually. The statement might against with my future paragraph but really, I don’t support anyone actually  but I do vote haha, well you do need to vote actually if you’re above 21.

Looking at the current PM, yes there are corruption, even Tun M have his own corruption but he played in a risk free way I would say haha (a serious accusation!) but anyway, I do not support any political party.

All I am looking for are a clean and corruption free government who can promise the public and uphold their words as it is. Yes, the cost of living now had increased now with GST for taxes over the taxes, with our current currency exchange rate.

Again and again, my statement could over write what I stated above, to have a clean government, we must vote for on political party right. I just feel like every time we have election, we are like putting our future to someone that we ourselves uncertain of them. I mean, all political party are same tho, first they have this sweet corn mouth, and we vote but at last they just pee on us!

But certainly we do need changes in our system especially to the government. So choose wise this time people, and I hope this time entries will not lead me to be charged under seditious act haha!

So keep up people, more entries are coming up yeah!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

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