Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Xmas & Happy Ho Ho Holiday

Merry Xmas & Happy Ho Ho Holiday

Well hello there, time really moving really fast huh and it’s time for Xmas gift people! Even I’m not christian but in a way I’m chindian MURTAD  like my boyfriend always say haha.

Last year xmas I bought myself iPhone 5s but this year, god gave me a big and unvaluable and most precious gift for me, which is HIM. In my life, I never thought that I’ll get such a person like him, well dalam mimpi always do lah kan but in reality nan hado haha!

He have been sacrfice his needs (sometime) just to make me happy, well it’s true what people said, LOVE need requires SACRIFICES. Money is not a big deal for me because for me money can be earn anytime but the happiness when you get to see on your love one, that’s priceless.

To those who thinking and asking ans saying that Im actually kicking my parents aside after I met him, well thanks for the advice but I know my responsibilities and im not wish you speak out what I did for them because that between me and my parents.

Back to the topic, so for this year Xmas, well can deem as new year gift, I bought him a iPhone 6. He wanted to buy it actually but just that he was financial tight that time and his 4s , owh good jesus! So I just can’t bear seeing him suffering with that phone, I decided to purchase him iphone 6 quitely and present it to him haha he was speechless and the best part is, I recorded his reaction and it was that funny!

And for me this year was a big jackpot haha! He bought me Apple TV and just only on Monday, he bought me my wishlist, MacBookPro with Retina display. I wanted it for so long and I told him many, many time till my air liur kering you know. And guess what, he bought it for me already haha.

So, I would say this year is a big big surprise for me. Gila tak surprise meh got all I wanted, so fun siao weh hahaha. If anyone want a happy life, go pray2 a lot hokey.

Anyway, wishing all my friend and readers advance Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday. May next year be good to all of you and god bless everyone ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Toy is Here

Hey peeps,

This is just testing first post from my new toy - MacBookPro!

Long way to explore the contents thought, but all he future post will be posted through this.

All thanks to my boyfriend for giving me this Xmas gift ^_^......

Dont disturb me for now, busy with transferring important files haha.

See you guys soon!

Until then,

So & So

The Legends Price

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do we fight?

Do we fight?

Question: Hi Pat, do you and your boyfriend fight?

Oh yes, we love fighting…errrr, no, it’s me love fighting haha!

Oh come on, who doesn’t fight? Bukan yang fight sampai berdarah lah ngok..siao meh….just arguments lah haha. I mean, what a relationship can be like without arguments, its kinda boring tho.

Me and him do argue for many stuff and mainly is me lor… I’m the type of who want everything to be on time and he is like the person who likes to own sweet time. If 5 to 10 minutes, I still can endure but him ya’allah! He will never be ontime, sometime aku balik with him and I off work at 5pm and he is at 6pm.

Scene 1
Me: B, what time balik today?

R: Balik awal lah at 6pm.

Me: Ok, I wait you lah mcm tu b…..

Me kinda person who always be sharp on time and aku akan tunggu lah at 6pm, then 610pm then 6.20pm, then 645pm and he’ll show up at 7pm finally. I’ll like perempuan lepas bersalin lah what else. Gila meh wait for 1 hour so we fight lah, I’ll be burning like hell that time.

Since the day I know him, I know his passion is travel and he’d travel to Tokyo I think on October and I just like alright fine, you can go. And his friend planned a trip to GuangZhou on December, one day he come and told me his plan joining the trip. Apa lagi, world war 3 lah

Scene 2
R: B, my friend want to sponsor me for a trip to GuangZhou with his gf and friend.

Me: What! Hell no! (Not that because I don’t trust me, I trust him more than I trust myself)

R: Why? It’s free, I just need to pay for my flight RM300.

Me: And I said NO, you heard me! You want my consent and I said NO!!! (Tahap Volcano)

R: Why? I need the reason…..

Me: Because I don’t like, and you promised me no travel without me but you breaking it now.

R: We can go next time kan!

Me: Yes, WE can go next time but you cannot go this time!

R: I want to know why?

Me: Enough, you choose either me or the trip! (What the fuck I just said? Damn it, I dead, he is going to kill me).

**Moment of silent – the argument went on and on haha

This can be consider the worst fight or argument ever, I’ll do another entries for this!

Ok, how many of you normally use Waze? And how many of you get to your location correctly with Waze? But seriously, trust me, my boyfriend can be annoying when it comes to waze. He can just not get the road or direction right even with Waze, how frustrating is that?!!!

There was this one day we wanted to go to IOI Mall at Putrajaya using waze, he key-in the details and I’ll be the normally driving, and this is what happen!

Scene 3
R: B…..we’re heading to wrong IOI Mall lah haha

Me: what the hell…’s already half way….dah get the direction right!

R: Ok….(with the annoying poyo face)

Me: alamak jem lah b…..errrkkkk geram!

R: ok go straight, keep left….erk…salah masuk jalan lah

Me: b….what is wrong with you lah….I’m tired lah nak pusing2 ni…

R: It’s not me…it’s the waze (what the hell, your foot!!!)

R: ok….go straight…stay in centre….eh eh eh why tak masuk simpang tadi!

Me: what the fuck! Did you heard yourself? Tengok map pon tak pandai…stupid! Now have to make a U-turn lagi….geram lah mcm ni….(technically half shouting)

R: *throw the phone to me – tgk lah sendiri

Me: (Fuck it….buang hp at the back seat)

After finding the road BY MYSELF, we ended up at the stupid IOI Mall….and we walk on our own, couldn’t bother much! Lantak ko lah mamat….I’m going to walk inside, you do what you want!! So I just walk myself and after 5 minutes, I was actually want to kencing….want to letop already leh!!!

Me: B…where are you!!! (with no line)

R: At H&M B (after 5 mins)

Me: macibai tol……(in hati lah)

Here’s the thing, my fight or argument is only for 5 to 10 minutes only because I couldn’t afford to waste too many time. I want to spend more time with him, quality time I mean! People often said, the more you argue, the more you get to know the person, well I’m not sure whether he know me or not, but I learn a lot about him haha.

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gay Lou errrrrrrrrr

Yes, you must wonder what the hell language was the title about right! Chinese lah, normally people say “Hong Kong wah” haha and I think the title quite stupid too but can’t resist from posting it!

Today I was getting down from my office to ground floor to pack some lunch. There was this a bunch Chinese bastards and Chinese bitch was talking about iPhone 6, like come on lah, who don’t know right. So stupid meh! I was like whatever, you know what about apple product and yeah MacbookPro with Retina is coming soon yaw *flip hair*

Bitch 1: hey you know ar that iphone 6 ar cum (stupid English) out ady

Bitch 2: yaloh yaloh I also got see the other day

Bastard 1: Eleh like same also that iphone 5 no different lor

Bitch 3: haiya sei lor that tim cook GAY LOU leh

All: hahahahahahaha (except me)

You what what gay lou means? It means “Lelaki gay” and I was like seriously? You Chinese bastard and bitch must be so jakun for the first time hor hearing about gay lor! Hey come one, I’m not RACIST because I’m Chinese too and I know Chinese are bastard! The mouth I can tell you, longkang seh.

Me: Bitch, you just wait. Your house also got one gay lou…you don’t know yet meh haha (in my heart..mau mati meh ckp loud2)

Guys, again, I’m not racist I make fun of all race always haha. Like last week, I was so pissed off at Maybank customer service.

Me: B, melayu bodoh!

R: haha india keling lah you

Me: seriously, malay can be so stupid and fucking slow! Bodoh….

R: who rape you lah b…hahaha

See, I angry at all races yah haha...even I make fun of them, but I do still respect everyone. For me, all of us are one race that is HUMAN, nothing more than that.

So stop make fun of others sexuality, we didn’t ask to born this way, it was the god gift. You’re eventually making fun of god creature if that the case. Give respect and take respect!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

How Long Will I Love You

I often wonder how long I will be able to love someone that I really love. Bodoh kan all of a sudden ask this kind soalan haha….well I don’t know it just happen when I was listening to the song haha!

But again, that make sense to me asking myself how long willI love someone that I love the most. It doesn’t sound fair for me to say I don’t love my parents anymore, but the love more toward him at this time compared to anyone else. I was that GILA at him lor….  Wait, don’t get me wrong, I do love my parents and my family but having him in my life, make me feel complete like I already found what I was looking for all this time.

All I wish for is to have 100 years with him, just him only. I can ignore my entire world when I with him. Do you guys know that I feel like stranger even with my family when he is not around me, dia sudah jampi me lor haha. Yes, I was that obsessed with him and want him to be with me 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Selfish mangkuk me! Haha

Well, I’m sure I’m not gonna live for 100 years gila aper ingat tuhan ker haha! But, why not kan having that kind wish to live with someone that you love, someone that you’ll never got bored of. Seriously, I never felt bored with him and every second is so much precious to me and sometime I even felt like I don’t spend enough quality time with him. I am that much love with him!

Talking about making, we get some sky lantern yesterday and let it fly high at our usual dating spot. Make the best wish for both us and it just fly so high. Take our wish to the sky

“You can be in a relationship for two year and feel nothing, you can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quality, of infatuation or of love”

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Someone Like You

Someone Like You

“We was once a stranger! We never knew each other until that one day we bumped into each other at a strange place. Should I blame it as our faith or rather should I rather say we are meant to be meet? I tried, tried to figure you out but we fell in love at the first sight.

It’s undeniable that I indeed fell in love with many guys before but never fell for someone like you. Every single about you inviting me so badly, you like my own branded heroin should I say haha! Everything about you are so strange that makes me fell for you so hard and deep.”

Haha so, I’m writing poetry now huh! Well, its kind a real strange feeling with him. He is so different than the other, I didn’t mean he is like alien or something but the way, I don’t know how to explain it and that is frustrating.

All I can say is I am so addicted to him like I am a drug addict and he is my drugs haha! Owh good god, this is fun haha. He is cool type, I can make a Malay drama scene for the whole day and he is just don’t give a damn and don’t even care to persuade me, I mean I don’t look for his attention haha but at least I have the expectation like other couples do as well, like persuade you and compromise with you at the end of the day. But this guy, haha you can dream on, you can continue my pathetic scene for the rest of my life and he just don’t care about me and I’m the one will get away of it.

Is not like he don’t love me by ignoring my feelings, he just got his own way to show his love for me. He is more to action type rather than arrange it in wordings like most of the couples do. If I say I love him, he want me to proof it rather than saying it. So, I always spare my words and show my love through action not the way in sex, well that’s one of it of course but other actions like cook for him, take care of him and things that can him happy. Having said this, I do always watch out my action and words, being honest to him is one of the best feelings ever I could say.

Being with him the feeling is entirely different, I felt always protective and happy. Yeah I know I know, some of you said he is over control on me but I would rather say he just looking after my well I’m just trying to give him a peace of mind when I inform him with whom am I going out and I didn’t felt it’s too much! I don’t blame anyone of you saying it, everyone got their own thoughts, don’t they?

Anyway, I better stop writing now and spare few for the future post haha. Excited for our Langkawi trip and planning for the activities there! So, peeps at Langkawi, see you there guys.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession, Love is about appreciation – Osho”

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog Is Up for Public!

Blog is Up

Hey peeps,

Haha blog is now up for public views!

Sorry for the delay, I was really frustrated of putting up things for my blog, finding art work and stuff! But apparently, I couldn’t find anything that suit my taste so I decided to draw myself.

Is not much but at least it represent what I have my heart and mind haha.

It’s kinda cute too, at least for me! Hahaha

So stay tune guy, more to come haha.

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Friday, August 15, 2014



Something new, something different, something exciting is coming your way!

So stay tune peeps and hang on tight with me ^_^

Until then,
So & So

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pemenang untuk Menjawap Kuiz

Pemenang untuk Menjawap Kuiz

Salam korang, sorry lambat sikit untuk release list pemenang kuiz.

Since soalan yang saya bagi tux der option and soalan tu pon sangat wide, means banyak negara yang mempunyai waktu satu jam belakang dari negara kita.

Banyak yang jawap Indonesia dan Thailand hahaha……anyway jawapan betol dia adalam Thailand tapi bagi yang jawap Indonesia dan negara lain, aku tetap akan bagi hadiah kepada yang menjawap tok.

The winner is:

1. Tebuang Kuneng
2. Kim Izham
3. Putera Firus
4. DCG
5. Kindhaichi Kid

Prize will be send out by before end of next week! Hadiah akan dihantar minggu depan kepada semua pemenang  yang dah hantar alamat kat aku.

By the way, DCG, if you reading this, kindly provide me your address for me to forward you the presents.

Thanks ^_^

Ps: Congratulation to all winners ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cara nak hantar jawapan!!!

Cara nak hantar jawapan!!!

Kadang-kadang tu kan, aku tak seh! Aku ingat aku sorang jew fail BM tapi ada jugak lagi teruk sbb dah tulis elok2 still xleh nak paham…how!

Ok….pasal kuiz previous entry ni….aku dah sediakan satu box untuk korang hantar jawapan…sebab kenapa aku suruh korang guna box tu adalah kalau korang guna box tu, aku leh reply balik guna email korang whether jawapan korang betol ker tak…

Ni dok asyik jawap kat bahagian comment! Dah lah tak bagu email…macam maner aku nak jawap betol ker salah? Ce korang pikir sendiri…gua sudah pening lor haha….

Box untuk jawap tu adalah sebelah kanan! Rupa dia mcm ni….

Aku cakap sekali lagi! SILA GUNA BOX NI UNTUK JAWAP SOALAN TU!!!!! Kalau jawap kat bahagian komen jugak…aku bo layan der haha….

Ps: Answer the simple question and grab some exciting prizes!

Until then,
So & So

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Quiz - Kuiz

Quiz - Kuiz

Ok, since banyak yang fail English haha nah I was just joking, sebab banyak yang request suruh aku buat entry dalam bahasa melayu, I’ll try alright!

Biasa aku tak buat quiz ni semua sebab sebelom ni pernah jugak buat sekali tapi macam hampeh korang ni semua….buat sakit hati jew taw! Sekor pon x join…it’s ok fine.kawe tak rugi apa2 pon hahaha…sebab xyah beli hadiah kot, selamat duit aku….

I’m getting off few days from work and this water chaos at ampang! Oh yeah, korang saper kat Ampang? Kat apartment aku tu….5 hari direct xder air…hari2 mandi kat office…so aku ambik peluang ni nak lari dari Malaysia for few days hehe ^_^

Anyway, kali ni aku nak cuba sekali lagi…kalau korang nak hadiah best2 jawaplah…kalau xnak….pi main jauh2 hahaha. Soalan dwibahasa k!


Negara manakah, waktu dia sejam (1jam) lewat dari Melaysia?

Which country timing is one (1) hour behind Malaysia time?

Sila hantar jawapan anda ke email…..aku tau korang memang jenis yang teramat pemalas…sebab tu aku dah sediakan box jawapan kat kanan tu….ko just masukkan details and hantar jawapan kat situ….ada paham?

Contest open until 10th April 2014 sahaja!

Ps: Answer the simple question and grab some exciting prizes!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Deepest Condolence

Deepest Condolence

After two weeks, almost all the country struggled in locating our missing MH 370 which departed from KLIA to Beijing with its cargo of 239 life’s, all came to a conclusion yesterday 24th March 2014, with sadness our Prime Minister had announced that the life of MH 370 was ended at a remote area of Indian Ocean!

No words can replace the lost of the passengers and the crew’s family, the hardest thing in our life is to let go what we love most in our life but remember, everything happens for a reason. We must return from where we came from one day, be brave, be strong and be ready to face it.

I’m taking this opportunity thanks to all the country who came forward offered their help in locating the missing flight by putting your own people life in danger. We, Malaysian, really appreciate it very much. The world feel the lost

To all the people out there, don’t spread any negative rumours! Let the professional do their findings in this case, all we need are to keep MH370 in your thoughts and prayer. Pray for the MH370 souls rest in peace and god to grant the strength to family members overcome this saddest moment in their life.

Again, my deepest condolence to the family members for their precious lost and may the soul of the passengers and crews of MH370 may rest in peace (bow). Almost cry when I'm typing this!

“The Hardest Thing is To Let Go What We Love The Most In Our Life”

Ps: May Got Place The Soul of MH370 Passengers and Crews Among The Rest In Oeace

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Today Was The Day ^_^

Today Was The Day  ^_^

It was an accident, accident meeting between both of us and we barely know each other at that point of time. You smiled at me and say sorry and you initiated the conversation to me.

R: Hi, sorry! (With a smile)

P: It’s alright, no worries (with a smile)

R: My name is R**** and you’re?

P: I’m P****, nice to meet you R****

The conversation went on and on till we didn’t realize that time had passed so fast. We exchanged our contact number and both of us were chasing over the time but you’re brave enough to invite me for a date that evening and surprisingly I accepted your invitation. I don’t know why but we get know more about each other that evening, again time was passed so fast and we make our way to home in a different pathway.

It eventually didn’t stop there, we texted each and everyday morning till night and we never felt tired but apparently it makes us more eager to know more deep about our heart. Neither one of use expected this thing to happen in our life but eventually the feeling of love started to grow like an fresh rose in our heart without we knowing.

You asked me for date each day, for dinner, for movie, for gym and we enjoyed it very much together without hesitation. You was there all the time to care for me, never say no to whatever I want except what you think it’s not a necessary things for me haha! You was that gentlemen until you don’t let me to carry my own bag, ok this was a bit too much haha but it’s ok, I like it deep down in my heart!

You asked me to bear with you while you get a job then you’ll give a surprise, I agree with you and stay strong and tight with you all the time. You always make time to meet me, no matter how hard it is but you know how to make me happy and have time for me. Unlike other couple, we always talk about the serious issues especially about the future of our own life. Each and every day, I get to know more about you, what you like and what you dislike, this may sound too fast for us but we went on to live in our own fairy tales world by ignoring other comments.

There are lot more things about I know and yet to know, time are indeed matter for us to discover even more. We throw our hearts over fence and decided to let it leads us the way! We make a vow between each other which only you and I know the content, no one, no one will know about it. We may have seen and love lots of people in our life but each and every time, we often think this is the right person for us so do now we thought the same as well, keep the same faith and same trust in ourselves, hope the best for our life!

Today was the first day we bump into each other and we go out on every Tuesday after that for date. One of the best dates ever is when you bring to KLLC lake show at night for a date while having dinner at the garden and we talk, we talk and we talk. One word that show yourself “action is louder than words”! It’s not meant for sex but sacrifices for a relationship and the effort which took places from your heart to meet and make me happy.

Ps: Happy Anniversary Hero ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Chinese Horseperous Year ^_^

Happy Chinese Horseperous Year  ^_^

Halo peeps, sorry been away for sometimes but it’s never too later to wish all my chinese follower Happy Chinese Horseperous Year! Have a blast with your family and friends. May the year of horse bring you more joy, wealth and be healthy always with your family.

For this year, nothing much to describe compared to last year, all are almost the same except for the fire crackers. We bought for almost RM 800 last year but this year we only bought for RM 400++ yet if was fun to chill around the family, what could be more better than that in my life.

Open house at my house not so meriah this year, didn’t invite much friends to drop by but only for few close friends and relative, small BBQ session with some Ikan Bako hahaha.

We made this year a bit special with Sky Lantern! I bought 8 pieces of them, each for 1 family divided equally and 1 for my foster sister. Wrote our best wishes for the year and hope it’ll come true in its best way, let it fly high and reach the sky!

I arranged another open house coming this Saturday at my house at KL, for those who wish to join, drop me an email for date, timing and location. All are welcome haha, but if there’s no food don’t blame me :D

Ps: Happy Chinese Horseperous Year Peeps ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince

How it’s all started? ^_^

How it’s all started? ^_^

Do anyone of you still remember how it’s all started to know everyone in your life? Korang paham tak? Kan dah marah! Haha….aku tanyer ko ingat lagi tak macam maner korang kenal manusia2 dalam hidup korang expecially yang strangers. INGAT LAGI TAK NI …..erghhhh!

Cuba korang imbas balik, macam maner korang kenal kawan-kawan korang, kekasih korang or strangers kat tepi jalan. For me, I’ll always start with a “Hi, my name is so and so. You?” Or, the strangers will identified themselves to me and that is how I make friends. After few years down the road bila jumpe like kawan kita tu lepas tu dok piker macam maner erk ko ngan aku leh kawan? Hahaha mulalah dok merapu jumpe kat sini jumpe kat sane haha. It’s kinda fun right bila fikir balik macan kita kenal ngan someone yang kita tak pernah jumpe dalam hidup kita sebelom ni tapi tup2 jadi kawan, best friend or couple.

Ok, ada few readers and kawan aku tanyer macam maner aku leh friendly ngan semua orang. Not only with orang sekeliling aku tapi makcik jual nasi lemak, pakcik yang jual sayur, budak2 kecik semua aku friendly. Haha well, bukan nak bangga but mungkin sifat tu born with me. Aku pon susah nak sexplain minatang ni yang macam maner aku leh friendly ngan semua tak kira usia dan bangsa. Aku akan senyum kat semua orang even though tak kenal saper tu, maybe bende ni bukan bende yang baru kot untuk korang sbb mesti korang pon akan senyum jugak tapi untuk orang yang tanyer aku mungkin tak pernah.

Here are some tips, if you like a person, just go and say “Hi, my name is so and so. You?”. You see, no harm right. Tak kira lah korang crush ngan that person ker or just want to know as a friend and take a further level, I leave that to you people to decide macam maner korang nak define it k. Jangan takut dan jangan panic bila korang nak kenal someone, tak kenal make tak cinta, ni statement yang normal but I rephrase it, tak kenal make tak berkawan! A simple hi dah cukup untuk kenal someone, xyah nak bagi bunga or ajak gi dinner or movie.

Tapi macam maner lak bila orang yang datang say hi kat korang? Haaa ambik lah peluang ni untuk kenal dengan orang and become friends. Korang xyah nak feeling2 hot sangat mase tu dan borak macam nak xnak jew. Bila orang nak kenal xnak, jual mahal tapi bila xder mula lah dok meroyan macam Pontianak! Aku simple jew, drink drunk drama hahah kalau ada orang nak kenal ok jew…kalau takder pon ok jew kan oppa adam haha!

So be more friendly and make more friends, no harms tapi jangan banyak enemy sudah. Lend your hands when your friends need help and be there always for them. Tolong tu bukan dari jenis financial but ada jugak care lain untuk tolong kawan2 kita. Lama2 jumpe sekali kawan tu, just hug them with a big smile, jangan nak rabe lak! Korang ni bukannyer leh caye sangat, especially Haidar tu hahaha, asyik dok rabe jew keje dia hahaha. Oppa adam lak, dok menggoda orang ngan mon mon dia hahaha.

Lepas ni jangan nak jadi Mr or Ms Arrogant sangat, we all born to know each other so why wait, go around and be more friendly ok, bukan become more bitch and slut hahaha…just joking!
Ps: Kalau Prince cakap Hi jangan nak jual mahal tau ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince