Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do we fight?

Do we fight?

Question: Hi Pat, do you and your boyfriend fight?

Oh yes, we love fighting…errrr, no, it’s me love fighting haha!

Oh come on, who doesn’t fight? Bukan yang fight sampai berdarah lah ngok..siao meh….just arguments lah haha. I mean, what a relationship can be like without arguments, its kinda boring tho.

Me and him do argue for many stuff and mainly is me lor… I’m the type of who want everything to be on time and he is like the person who likes to own sweet time. If 5 to 10 minutes, I still can endure but him ya’allah! He will never be ontime, sometime aku balik with him and I off work at 5pm and he is at 6pm.

Scene 1
Me: B, what time balik today?

R: Balik awal lah at 6pm.

Me: Ok, I wait you lah mcm tu b…..

Me kinda person who always be sharp on time and aku akan tunggu lah at 6pm, then 610pm then 6.20pm, then 645pm and he’ll show up at 7pm finally. I’ll like perempuan lepas bersalin lah what else. Gila meh wait for 1 hour so we fight lah, I’ll be burning like hell that time.

Since the day I know him, I know his passion is travel and he’d travel to Tokyo I think on October and I just like alright fine, you can go. And his friend planned a trip to GuangZhou on December, one day he come and told me his plan joining the trip. Apa lagi, world war 3 lah

Scene 2
R: B, my friend want to sponsor me for a trip to GuangZhou with his gf and friend.

Me: What! Hell no! (Not that because I don’t trust me, I trust him more than I trust myself)

R: Why? It’s free, I just need to pay for my flight RM300.

Me: And I said NO, you heard me! You want my consent and I said NO!!! (Tahap Volcano)

R: Why? I need the reason…..

Me: Because I don’t like, and you promised me no travel without me but you breaking it now.

R: We can go next time kan!

Me: Yes, WE can go next time but you cannot go this time!

R: I want to know why?

Me: Enough, you choose either me or the trip! (What the fuck I just said? Damn it, I dead, he is going to kill me).

**Moment of silent – the argument went on and on haha

This can be consider the worst fight or argument ever, I’ll do another entries for this!

Ok, how many of you normally use Waze? And how many of you get to your location correctly with Waze? But seriously, trust me, my boyfriend can be annoying when it comes to waze. He can just not get the road or direction right even with Waze, how frustrating is that?!!!

There was this one day we wanted to go to IOI Mall at Putrajaya using waze, he key-in the details and I’ll be the normally driving, and this is what happen!

Scene 3
R: B…..we’re heading to wrong IOI Mall lah haha

Me: what the hell…’s already half way….dah get the direction right!

R: Ok….(with the annoying poyo face)

Me: alamak jem lah b…..errrkkkk geram!

R: ok go straight, keep left….erk…salah masuk jalan lah

Me: b….what is wrong with you lah….I’m tired lah nak pusing2 ni…

R: It’s not me…it’s the waze (what the hell, your foot!!!)

R: ok….go straight…stay in centre….eh eh eh why tak masuk simpang tadi!

Me: what the fuck! Did you heard yourself? Tengok map pon tak pandai…stupid! Now have to make a U-turn lagi….geram lah mcm ni….(technically half shouting)

R: *throw the phone to me – tgk lah sendiri

Me: (Fuck it….buang hp at the back seat)

After finding the road BY MYSELF, we ended up at the stupid IOI Mall….and we walk on our own, couldn’t bother much! Lantak ko lah mamat….I’m going to walk inside, you do what you want!! So I just walk myself and after 5 minutes, I was actually want to kencing….want to letop already leh!!!

Me: B…where are you!!! (with no line)

R: At H&M B (after 5 mins)

Me: macibai tol……(in hati lah)

Here’s the thing, my fight or argument is only for 5 to 10 minutes only because I couldn’t afford to waste too many time. I want to spend more time with him, quality time I mean! People often said, the more you argue, the more you get to know the person, well I’m not sure whether he know me or not, but I learn a lot about him haha.

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince


wings angel said...

alarhhhh.. gaduh2 pun sewit.. sori aku tulis BM je. tak pandai BI

The Legends Prince said...

Wings Angel: Haha sangat xper...aku akan reply dlm BM jugak....

marcus sequerah said...

Practically laughing out!

The Legends Prince said...

Hahaha thanks Marcus for laughing