Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hey guys,

Its been in mind for some time but finally today I have made my mind that today, at 10pm, this blog will be no longer available. I'll officially closing down the blog and moving to somewhere that I can be myself.

It doesn't mean that I'm not and I can't be myself here but feel kinda trapped. I want freedom and I'm ready to face all challenges. I know you'll ask why need to close down this blog, well, feel too messy to have so much social things around me. Wanting to keep something simple, nice and neat. 

But anyway, for those who know's me close, you can still follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook. 

For the rest, thanks for following me since the beginning but the time has come to say good bye! Thanks for the 6 years of wonderful time in blogging, we built the friendship together throughout the journey. 

Often, the farewell that hurts the most in our life. But there will be an end for everything and leaving the memory behind for everyone, this time, I'm taking all the memory with me together for the rest of my journey. 

Dear bloggers, it was an honor for being part of the life journey we shared together here. I wish all of you the best of luck in your life journey and may god bless all of you. 

Trust me, the blog was the best memory that I ever had in my life. 

Together with this, the email and also the facebook for blog will be closing the same time as well. So, if anyone want to catch up, please drop and email or drop an message in FB. 

See you everyone! 

The Legends Prince