Tuesday, February 14, 2012

........ , go away from my life then!

"Don't try to change my life, this is my life and if you don't like, go away then!" This is what Ken asked me for on yesterday. And it's now officially there's nothing between me and Ken because there are something which both of us can't accept the fact that we wanted in our life.

It's been two weeks I know Ken and should I say it is really early for me to judge him but he made it simple for me. Ken is a good guy, very caring and easily get jealous if I hang out with someone. Yes I understand his normal typical feelings like those guys but there's one thing that I can't accept in my life which is I've to share him with his scandals. I'm happy because he told me truth that he have scandals but I was so disappointed when he said he can't leave his scandals for me nor his lover.

I am open minded but I pleased to say that I'm open minded not in everything! I'm a kind of person like when I fall for something, I'll make sure the things is only belongs to me, no one can take away from me but when Ken said he can't leave his scandals which mean I've to share him! What kind of fuck relationship is that? At first I though he would change it for me but he say no, he'll remain the same and there's nothing I can do anymore.

Ken: you still want me?

Me: Yes if you willing to leave all your scandals and be mine.

Ken: No, that's not going to happen. Don't try to change my life, who are you!

Me: Then don't try to change me and accept the way you're because who are you then in my life!

Ken: Go away from my life.

Me: Sure, you asked for it!

The best part is, he told me that he'd sacrifice for this relationship which is he walk from the LRT station to my house! Come on, Alif does that like thousand time and he never complaint anything! Ok, just forget about Alif, don't tell me that I didn't sacrifice anything for this relationship, I sacrificed more than he do! At last, he made the decision to end this even before getting into a serious stage. I'm fine with it because single life is not a new thing for me, I've been go through such a hard time than this!

Always remember guys, I'll always act upon the request. Ken request me to delete his picture, number and messages, so, I did as per his request! I've no feeling for him at all now, just a empty heart with contain of freedom feelings which I no need report to anyone. I can go where ever I want, do what ever I want and I no need to care anybody. I'm happy, really happy with I am now.

Happy valentines day to everyone. Remember, life is not about finding the right person but creating the right relationship, it's not how we care in the beginning but how much we care till the very end.