Wednesday, December 19, 2012

R.I.P - A tribute for my friend * Muhd Azrie *

Yesterday, it was his birthday. A young guy who have ambition in his life to have a better future, yet god love him more than anyone else who know him. Muhd Azrie, one of my Facebook friend who know each other for quite some time was leave the earth few month ago due to some his lung contaminated by fluid. Apparently, not much FB knows about this till yesterday the news was conveyed by one of his friend.

Azrie, age 20, cute, handsome, and a guy who always like to cheer up others. I didn’t meet him personally before but we do communicate through phone and social network. As I said, god loves him more than anyone else in this world. Soon after I know about this, I started to think when my turn is. Well, I don’t expect to die as what Azrie suffered but who knows and who are we to decide how to die.

Came to think about this, I then realized that there’s nothing can guarantee our life for tomorrow or the next second. I started to think how much time I do have to show my love to the people around me? All this while, I’m not sure about all of you but for me there’re people who I do hate them, who know them like TnGo, who I like the most and who I love the most. Did I spend enough time with them to know more them more? Or, did they spend enough time to know me more?

God send us to this world to make friends, not enemy! I was started to decide to not going to waste my time anymore hating people, what do I get by doing so? But sometime, most of the most we only say it but we still remain the same, keep hating people, being harsh with them, forget those people who love us the most.

After all this, I taught myself to appreciate my life, appreciate the people around me, and be happy with what I have now in my life. Without them, I’m no one today in this world!

For my friend Muhd Azrie, we always will love you and miss you the most. May your soul rest in peace with among the others in heaven.

Until then, so & so