Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's never been easy...

When talk about love, it’s never been easy as we thought, well it’s that easy as for me. Some say love is fun, some say love is pain, some say love is miserable (most of the time) and some even ask what is love? Oh my god, I’m going to slap any bastard or bitches ask me this kind of question. God damn it, are you stupid or you want to make me look stupid! Haha, yeah I know I’m using some harsh or immoral words, well it’s boring dude keep posting like being emotional so I decided to try a new methods for all the upcoming entries, how about that?

Ok, let’s talk about love today. Yes, love is fun and you even feel like you’re in the heaven but let me tell you this, as much as you feel like heaven and the next second you can feel like hell. Trust me, it’s never been that easy moreover in PLU life haha, what can I tell you. But again, it’s undeniable there’s couple living with their love life forever and at the same, there is and there are people who never satisfied with their love, sort of looking for a better one. You stupid, that’s not looking for a better person but you looking for a better ……… (Fill the gap by yourself)!

Owh for god sake. If you already happy with the current one, what is wrong with you to go and look for someone else? You say you love him and cannot live without yet you go and looking for other, how is this work? Can someone explain to me please?  Love required sacrifices people, without doing anything you can’t just expect you boyfriend to be nice to you all the time. The kind of sacrifices that I’m talking is be patient, always text you lover, call your lover even though only you’re the one who always call him/her but don’t be stingy lah.

Haaa ni satu lagi (there you go, started to mencarut in BM welcome me!), kalau keluar pi shopping tu share2 lah bayar. Jangan dok harap orang tu jew bayar macam lunch you bayar lepas tu movie dier plak yang bayar itu kalau dier ada duit lah or korang ada duit kalau takder tu, haa dok diam2 dalam umah buat baby. Perngorbanan tu penting beb, jangan nak dok piker malam ni nak buat style aper erk. Luangkan masa dengan si dia, borak lah tentang korang tapi kan bende yang paling irritating adalah korang jangan lah asyik tanya si dia *by, you cinta I tak*! Sekali tu at least boleh accept lagi, ni tak dok tanya sepuluh kali…kalau aku lah kan, cement ar your face!

Ok, if you really love a person you must learn to endure all kind of pain, must be patient and trust. It’s very important and there are times where you’ll feel like breaking up the relationship because the other party didn’t pay much attention on you but you must always understand and think positively. The other party might busy with work or some other business but unless you’re really sure about that he/she hooking with someone else than with all pleasure you can decide to pour some acid on his/her face!

PS: Sorry for the carut mencarut in BM part but if most of you prefer in BM then I’ll change it to BM for future entries.

Until then, so & so