Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy for my housemate :)

I though wanted to update the blog tomorrow which is Saturday because I'll free doing nothing other than study but at last I decided to update it right away even though I've like tonnes of office which need my attention!

I guess it's the right time for me to spend some time talking about my housemate Abang Fakhrul, age 37 and working at a well known hotel in KL. We become friends when I moved in to his house at Cheras couple of month ago. I've no problem living with him because we both are in the same boat after all so not to worry too much about feelings.

He is now officially in a relationship with a police officer who currently working penang. they both seems happy together, after a month of dating, finally they declared! Don't ask me who is top and bottom, that's not my business to know. His bf age is 23 which is same age with me, yet, I've no problem with it because love is blind indeed. sometime we just can see through in this kind incident. Age is just a number and it doesn't going to effect anything in your life, especially in our love life. They'd exchanges rings and chain as a love sign and the sweetest part was his bf bought a phone for him, I mean it's fine for you to express your love in anyway as long as you do it with your honest heart :)

I'm happy for them, really! I'm just enjoying seeing everyone around me enjoying their life with the love and it doesn't mean that I'm alone without anyone in my life ok. I am enjoying watching you guys growing everyday in creating relationship but remember to not hurt anyone. If you can't promise anything then don't promise, try to explain so that the other side can accept the fact of your decision.

Anyway, to not run out from the entry, I would like to congratulate my housemate and his bf. Happy love life forever new couples!!!