Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Deepest Condolence

Deepest Condolence

After two weeks, almost all the country struggled in locating our missing MH 370 which departed from KLIA to Beijing with its cargo of 239 life’s, all came to a conclusion yesterday 24th March 2014, with sadness our Prime Minister had announced that the life of MH 370 was ended at a remote area of Indian Ocean!

No words can replace the lost of the passengers and the crew’s family, the hardest thing in our life is to let go what we love most in our life but remember, everything happens for a reason. We must return from where we came from one day, be brave, be strong and be ready to face it.

I’m taking this opportunity thanks to all the country who came forward offered their help in locating the missing flight by putting your own people life in danger. We, Malaysian, really appreciate it very much. The world feel the lost

To all the people out there, don’t spread any negative rumours! Let the professional do their findings in this case, all we need are to keep MH370 in your thoughts and prayer. Pray for the MH370 souls rest in peace and god to grant the strength to family members overcome this saddest moment in their life.

Again, my deepest condolence to the family members for their precious lost and may the soul of the passengers and crews of MH370 may rest in peace (bow). Almost cry when I'm typing this!

“The Hardest Thing is To Let Go What We Love The Most In Our Life”

Ps: May Got Place The Soul of MH370 Passengers and Crews Among The Rest In Oeace

Until then,
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The Legend Prince

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