Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Xmas & Happy Ho Ho Holiday

Merry Xmas & Happy Ho Ho Holiday

Well hello there, time really moving really fast huh and it’s time for Xmas gift people! Even I’m not christian but in a way I’m chindian MURTAD  like my boyfriend always say haha.

Last year xmas I bought myself iPhone 5s but this year, god gave me a big and unvaluable and most precious gift for me, which is HIM. In my life, I never thought that I’ll get such a person like him, well dalam mimpi always do lah kan but in reality nan hado haha!

He have been sacrfice his needs (sometime) just to make me happy, well it’s true what people said, LOVE need requires SACRIFICES. Money is not a big deal for me because for me money can be earn anytime but the happiness when you get to see on your love one, that’s priceless.

To those who thinking and asking ans saying that Im actually kicking my parents aside after I met him, well thanks for the advice but I know my responsibilities and im not wish you speak out what I did for them because that between me and my parents.

Back to the topic, so for this year Xmas, well can deem as new year gift, I bought him a iPhone 6. He wanted to buy it actually but just that he was financial tight that time and his 4s , owh good jesus! So I just can’t bear seeing him suffering with that phone, I decided to purchase him iphone 6 quitely and present it to him haha he was speechless and the best part is, I recorded his reaction and it was that funny!

And for me this year was a big jackpot haha! He bought me Apple TV and just only on Monday, he bought me my wishlist, MacBookPro with Retina display. I wanted it for so long and I told him many, many time till my air liur kering you know. And guess what, he bought it for me already haha.

So, I would say this year is a big big surprise for me. Gila tak surprise meh got all I wanted, so fun siao weh hahaha. If anyone want a happy life, go pray2 a lot hokey.

Anyway, wishing all my friend and readers advance Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday. May next year be good to all of you and god bless everyone ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince


adamiedamuss said...

happy ho-yeh ho-yeh.. hahaha

The Legends Prince said...

Haha happy New Year and holiday bang :D

Mr.Nov said...

Merry Xmas in advanced pats ;)

zerachiel said...

wishing you a blessed Christmas and a happy 2015 :)