Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Chinese Horseperous Year ^_^

Happy Chinese Horseperous Year  ^_^

Halo peeps, sorry been away for sometimes but it’s never too later to wish all my chinese follower Happy Chinese Horseperous Year! Have a blast with your family and friends. May the year of horse bring you more joy, wealth and be healthy always with your family.

For this year, nothing much to describe compared to last year, all are almost the same except for the fire crackers. We bought for almost RM 800 last year but this year we only bought for RM 400++ yet if was fun to chill around the family, what could be more better than that in my life.

Open house at my house not so meriah this year, didn’t invite much friends to drop by but only for few close friends and relative, small BBQ session with some Ikan Bako hahaha.

We made this year a bit special with Sky Lantern! I bought 8 pieces of them, each for 1 family divided equally and 1 for my foster sister. Wrote our best wishes for the year and hope it’ll come true in its best way, let it fly high and reach the sky!

I arranged another open house coming this Saturday at my house at KL, for those who wish to join, drop me an email for date, timing and location. All are welcome haha, but if there’s no food don’t blame me :D

Ps: Happy Chinese Horseperous Year Peeps ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince


fallen angel said...

iyer... selamat tahun baru ..

kindaichi kid said...

selamat tahun baru......:)

The Legends Prince said...

Fallen : Thanks buddy ;)

Kid: Thanks budak kid haha

Tebuan Kuneng said...

Gong XI fat choii pettttrik star..hakhak..hehe..

angpau mane?? kate nk bagi..

pera antasump said...

Hurmmm... are u chinese??

Anonymous said...

Happy new year too prince.. miss u so much.. :-(