Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Helping Others

I have seen so much throughout my life till today, I am not from a wealthy family who waking at 10am every morning, eating well breakfast, home schooling or even having a 3 storey house. I’m just a normal kid who was brought up by my lovely and perfect parents who are a middle class family.

My parents always taught me to be more appreciate of what I have in my life and often I saw the difficult times in my family. Many things happen, many sorrow passed, many tears fell. Those are the past experience for an ordinary life!

So, I promised myself if I success in my life when I grow up, I will try to help those in needs by contributing at least what I can with what I have. We are living only this one life, why not doing something meaningful and make others happy. Seeing smiling face on someone else is one of the best things that can happen to your life.

I know we are not rich or don’t have any support to lending the needs to others but offering a smile to show people in needs that you’re with them and pray for them, it won’t help much but at least letting the others knows they have someone who can understand what they are going.

And, I have came up with this idea of asking all my readers and followers to help me on what you can. I’m not asking you to donate money or so, but just a click is all I needed. You’ll notice 3 advertisement, 2 is at right side bar (1 is still under maintenance) and 1 is under each entry. Each click will donate RM0.25, not much but it is something for them.

I am not sure yet how nuffang and google will pay it out, but I think I can click withdraw when it reach about RM50. Once I get the money, I’ll list out the items that I buy for them and post it here with their pictures.

Again, I am not forcing you to click but if you did, thanks, you just helped someone!

Until then,
So & So

Wo Jiao Patrick

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