Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forgive & forget ;)

Sometime in our life, there are people who like us but at the same time there are also people who hate us either with reason or without reason. It’s not fair to say about others alone in this matter but I would rather include all of us in this situation.

Since the day I was born, my life journey is begin on earth to face all kind of possibilities. Then slowly I grew up and start to have those people who like me and those who hate me. I start to like people to those who close to me and start to hate those who do bad things to me and become enemy but I didn’t realize that I’m losing the friendship with the enemy that we was spend time together, chill out, make jokes and have fun around. The only thing I know when they become enemy of mine, I’ll start to criticize every action or comment of them.

There was one day I was sitting inside my room reading book, a book that nothing to do with this story at all haha! I was alone that day in my house and a quote crossed my mind #Forgive & Forget! – Don’t waste your time hating anyone

I begin to think how much  time I used to hate people all this while and how much time left for me to love those around me? What do I get by hating them? Why I hate them? Why I cannot forgive them? Is their action hurt me that much? Yes, it cannot be deny that there are people who hurts me a lot but past is past and my life have to move on and it’s moving one smoothly, so what else reason could be for me to still hate them!

I decided to forgive them and forget what they have done to me. I don’t mind whether they see me as their enemy too and that doesn’t matter to me, I already forgive them that are what matter the most for me. I’m a kind of person will be mad or angry at first but that is just for few minutes and forget what happen, back to the normal me! I do also don’t mind what people want to say about me, like he is so hypocrite, so selfish, so stupid and whatever but as long as I know myself better and I know what am I doing that’s enough :)

#Prince said: I was wanted to post this for quite some time ago but only now gained the mood to write!

Until then, so & so

The Legend Prince

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