Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you trust him....???

Well, not one but more ask me this question over and over! Do you trust whatever Alif said to you? What would my answer will be other than 'yes, of course I trust him'! Yes, I'd said before trust no one in your life except yourself but when it comes to a relationship you must trust partner as how you trust yourself.

Yes, it's risky to trust a person but when it's about relationship, is nothing without trust! Me and Alif is living really far away, not even meeting every week like before but I trust him and he trust me. Love is all about trust each other! What ever me and Alif doing, we always will inform each other no matter important or not. Sometime, yes he'd stopping me from doing something and I never consider that as a he taking control over me but rather think positive as he taking care of me, who know better what's good and bad.

We all are learning everyday and I always learn new things and behavior from Alif indirectly. I know about Alif, know better than others. That is why when people say something like want to tackle him, I'll always say go ahead because I know who is Alif and how will he react :)

Trust me, love will never workout without trust! If you really love a person then you've to trust your lover. As for me, I always trust Alif and he'll never lie to me. Even if there is, I'm sure he have reasonable reason for it :)

I love you wak heheh :p


Anonymous said...

good...but yet be prepared. By the way, love your blog dude.

Prince Patrick said...

I already prepared myself long time ago to face all the consequences in future but thanks again to remind me :)

Happy to hear that you like my blog and thanks for the support :)