Monday, November 14, 2011

Be prepared....!

It's been a while from the earlier post and my sincerely apology for being late. As can be predicted from the title, yes, I'm prepared myself to face the future consequences with Alif. Some of you might be thinking what the hell I'm talking about!

As all of you aware, I'm now officially with Alif I mean he already proposed indirectly couples of week ago. What I meant here is, it's about our future after this. I know one day Alif will married with someone and I've to prepare mentally and physically to accept the reality. I know is easy to say and hard to do but I've no other choice other than taking this risk.

Well, life is all about taking risk. We all taking bunch of risk without we knowing but I know and realized about it. No matter what, my life is just full rick everyday. I know gay relationship won't last forever but I really solute those really keep it till end of their life. I wish my relationship will be till end of my life with Alif but I know his planning, he might get married at the age of 28.

I know, one day I'll facing a situation where like the whole world gone black but I should keep in mind the promises that I'd made for him. Yes, it sounds crazy yet I'm happy to be beside him but after he get a new life with his future wife! I mean I'm happy if he's happy, that's enough for me.

I'd prepared myself how am I going to live without him and I'm sure I can, nothing is impossible for me at all and Alif know me well. Even I prepared but I do sometime seems worry, that's normal anyway because I'm human as well, right? The point here is, I'm really happy with him, only with him :)


Putera92 said...

at least u dh merasakn apa yg dinamakn prasaan cinta.. tu dh kira ok.. ada org x prnah merasai perasaan ini.. mungkin sbb ajal awal sgt kot.. kira betuah lh drpd x pernah merasakan.. :-)

JoHn said...

setuju dgn Putra 92

Anonymous said...

Pat tgh berbunga2 dlm hati... =)

Prince Patrick said...

Putera 92 & John: Hmm stop being so down! God created someone for everyone just all you have to do is just for the right time. Love is a things which can get a supermarket but is about two heart become one.

It might take some time to workout but it doesn't mean that some of them not deserve to feel it. Live and die is not in our hand same with love as well, god already planned well for everyone so just keep our head up and be confident in ourself :)

Abang Zack: Hahax biasalah bang zack hehehe abang zack kan tengah berbunga untuk kahwin :p