Monday, November 21, 2011

Brain ask....Heart answer....!

Today morning while listening music and doing my work at office, my brain started to think and throw me a question all of sudden.

Brain: Why you want to stick with one while out there have so many like you and want you in their life?

Within a second my heart answer the brain question

Heart: Out there may have thousands people who like and wish to have you in their life but only one person who love you, Alif!

I started to smile all alone my office room without a reason thinking about him, only him in my mind and heart.


Anonymous said...

Love it...and 'envy' a bit. But, all the best to you dude.

Prince Patrick said...

Anon: Hahah thanks :)

Who Am I said...

all the best wishes in the world for u both... :)

Prince Patrick said...

Thanks buddy :)