Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not to hope too much....

I don't know where to start but let's begin with my feelings. I just simply feel happy for those people happy with their boyfriend and all I can say for those still single is don't worry people, the right time is yet to reach you but once reach you'll then realize how valuable your waiting is! Serious, this is what I'm feeling now! Is not that I'm becoming the old me, the emo one but I just simply turned to be like this.

All of you know how much I'd trusted Alif in my life, I never trusted like that in my life before yet I trusted him. At last, he broke the trust which he gained for him from me. After the break, I just can't trust anyone in my life. I seriously don't feel anything in my heart, even I saw a guy passing me I just being like a puppet. Unlike my housemate makes some kind of comments about those guys which attract his attention.

I'm too much tired of taking care of my own feelings, I feel numb! Sometimes I do hope that I wanted to hug and lay my head on their shoulder, cry and letting go everything in my heart but I don't is either I'm ego or finding a right one to share, at last I tend to keep it with me without sharing anything. I started to ignore peoples, less smiling at people, less talk to people, less spend time with people and less caring about people. I become more silent and care my own business, some of you may found I didn't reply comment or put my views at your blog, I'm just too tired of taking care others business. It's your life, you have the rights to choose what is right and what is wrong, you should know what you're doing so who am I to stop or comment? So I decided to become a silent reader instead and will be comment those I think nothing to do with your life.

Talking about the title, is about a guy name J.E.F. (find out the real name if you're clever enough). Trying his level best to know me more, always like to throw me a question and like to irritate me yet I'm happy because he like make me laugh. Good looking, yes! Even he is showing his interest on me and trying to convince to take it slowly but I didn't hope anything from anyone. I'm tired of hoping for something which I'll never get! So I told him not to hope too much from me, I'm enough with this. Well, if he really like and love me, only me, he'll get me!

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