Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa

Later at year 1936, 26 Dec a baby boy was born at China. He was grown up with his family in poor condition where no proper food to eat, no proper place to sleep yet he survived with his family. Working at a quarry at the age 10 and wearing a worn out shoes, escaped to Malaysia at the age of 12 with his family and amazingly survived at here even it was war time.

Later, married a Chinese woman and an Indian woman gifted with 6 kids all together. Living a happy life after with his family and today 26th of December 2012 was his 76 birthday, still healthy and living a happy with his wife, son’s and daughter’s.

Yes, he was my father, a lovable father ever in my life. A kind man, who loves his kids the most, never beat his kids ever no matter how big the trouble is. I can remember few incidents of mine and it’s a funny thing, really fine. Well, I was the youngest in my family so I’m a mama son but at the same time papa love me too.

When I was about 7 years old, primary school to be precise. I hate school especially mandarin that point of time, I just hate it plus with those Chinese kids owh god tell me about it! I was like an experiment object for them, like why my skins are not fair like them and I’m always wondering what kind stupid question is that! Anyway, so I hate school and you want to know what I’d to go to school? I’ll never do a single homework, imagine guys I felt like I’m acting in a kungfu movie whenever I writing mandarin words, so difficult! So what I’ll do is always hide the books in my father car and when almost reach the school I’ll be like *oh papa, I forgot my homework book at home* and he drive me all the way back home and search the book. I took the chance and tell my papa *papa, I couldn’t found the book and I don’t want to go to school* but the book is actually in his car! But he still forces me to attend the school haha but never bear me, just angry!

Until one day, he found out my book in his car when he send for car wash (damn you cleaner)! I was like shit, I’m going to die haha and start the day after he’ll ride me to school with motorbike and he even ask me : -

Papa      : haaa where you going to hide the book this time?

Me         : erkkkkk

But still I hide my book inside my bag and say my book is missing and it’s only up to standard 3 and after that I start to catch up with my study and till today never stop to learn and sometime my dad tell me : -

Papa      : Those days, I ask you study and you’ll be like making all kind of drama but now even I ask
   you to stop study and you’ll be giving me that evil look haha

Not only that, there’s one time he slap just to wake me up from the so call charm or some kind spirit in my body but only I know it’s all drama haha! Back in 2008 I guess, I joined a budha society where their prayer is entirely different from the ordinary type but definitely not AJARAN SESAT ok haha! So the prayer required me to attend on certain day on night and to attend classes at KL so papa didn’t like it and didn’t allow me to attend. I don’t know why the hell I’m being so stupid that time and acting like some sort of spirit in my body just to threaten him to allow me to attend the budha prayers and classes. *pap* the first slap ever from my papa, will never forget about that. Funny-funny things happen with my papa, I just simply love him even though he didn’t being fair to me sometime.

I love you papa
Happy 76th Birthday
Many More returns of the day
May God Bless You Always
May God Shine His blessing on you always

Until then, so & so



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