Monday, December 17, 2012

When your love one trust you :)

Hello everyone, doing well? Or still searching for soul mates? Trust me, there's no rush when it's comes to love. Let it happen by itself, no point rushing and break up in 2 days! The most important thing is be happy, remember guys, happiness is the only thing we cannot buy in our life. So just go out and enjoy life while we can and it doesn't mean I'm asking you to become slut, remain loyal and sincere with your love one. The type of enjoying I'm talking about it go out with your love one, spend time with him or her. The world is going to be end guys, so dying on someone arms that we love seems like good way to go haha!

Alright alright, let's dive into today title. Well, I'm not a love guru but I'm talking on my own original and genuine experience in love like others. have you guys realize there are some quotes which always tell us "Don't trust anyone in your life except yourself" but one must remember love is all about trusting each other and without trust it will always leads to breakup. As I said, it always contradict with one and another, it's confusing and I know haha. 

Sometime it depends on you guys on who to trust or otherwise. Come on, we all grown up and know well what's going on around us. You can't go around and ask for people opinion on this! There might a lot of different opinion will be given by other because as to them the person might not can be trusted but the same person might be different in his/behavior with you, so you're right person to decide.

For me, trust must be involved in love and it's the most important tools which required in a relationship. In my current relationship with J, I faced no problem when it comes to trust even there's some misunderstanding for his silent but it was well sorted out. J trust me in every way and out and so do I, he trust me. He trust in my love for him, he trust in my loyalty for him, he trust in my sincerity and he trust that I'm only for him. For now I'm happy with they way we're and expecting nothing much :)

So what you guys waiting for......chill till the next entry yar...!!!

until then, so & so


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