Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm doing just fine ;)

Anyeonghaseyo everyone ;) haha, sorry for being in invisible mood for a period of time. And many thanks to those ask how am I doing and why so silent recently.

I’m sorry guys, just been busy with work and some personal works lately, despite that I’m doing all fine, happy as before J. Don’t worry too much, I won’t commit suicide for someone who betrayed my love, friendship and my sacrifices, anyway let’s don’t talk about that and talk something else which is more interesting. Life must move on people and don’t ever let something block your path to move on further to your future.

I’m much more happier now with my single now to be honest, nothing to worry about, no one to worry about, no reporting and it’s seems like cool to me. Well, I won’t say I’ll never fall in love anymore but just taking a time for myself perhaps. There’s few time I told that I don’t want to fall in the trap anymore but ended with loving someone haha so giving the circumstances, yes I’ll fall in love with the right person when the right time comes and when I feel it’s the time.

For me, I don’t want to rush and I know I’m not young anymore. I’m going to be turn to 24th coming this October so as much as I concern about the time and at the same time I do concern about my happiness too, I promise to myself to not myself anymore and to allow myself to have some time to relax.

I don’t know what made to think or act this way but I would rather say it is how I am supposed to be; recently I came to realize I’m closer to god and shining with his blessing. Started to prioritize my parents and family, spend time with them and I do realize that happiness is the only that we cannot buy in the world and every problem has a solution, so what for stress myself over the limit and torture myself when I know there’s solution for it.

Despite all of it, I trust in god more than before. Even though I can see him (god) in real life but he is always in my heart and blessing me all the time. For me, god is always there for me during my happy and sad time or even problem time, he always show me the right way to go through it. You might ask me how I know? I can’t answer that with a precise answer but I know because I can feel it the way he leads me in my life, whenever he think that what I want is not the right thing for me, he’ll do something to get my mind away.

All I can say now is I’m happy with my life now and yes there are few guys who like me but all I can say to them is I’m only able to be in friends zone for now, no more than that and as much I say that I do have feelings for this one guy haha, I’m such a bitch. I don’t want to deny my own feelings but at the same time I hold with my promise. Let me tell you guys more about this guy yar!

Until then, so & so


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