Monday, March 4, 2013

Speech & Bitch!

Does anyone of you experienced with pronunciation before when you talking too fast or during the rushing moment? Haha well, I can I’d had that experience before!

Yes, you can slap me for that! There was one time while I was still working at gold mine, I was in-charged for a party event and believe me I was too busy and rushing to handle everything for the party and have to settle my work.

When everything is about to ready, I went to invite my GM to give speech to the workers as an appreciation for their hard work though out the year. Guess what, there comes the problem.

Me         :              Brian (GM), can I've a minute with you?

Brian      :               Yes Patrick, anything?

Me         :               The party is about to start, I would like to invite you to give some BITCH!

Brian      :               What!

Me         :               Owh god, I’m so sorry Brian. My mistake! Give a SPEECH!

Brian      :               Hahahaha you crazy, alright I’ll be there in a minute.

You see the mistake over there when I’m saying Speech and Bitch! There’s even another worst pronunciation which is #BEACH and #BITCH! Have you guys realize almost all of us having serious problem with it? Hahaha…

Alright, let’s not blame yourself for the mistake but let’s blame the words itself haha! Ok, here’s tip on how to avoid wrong. When you about to pronounce a difficult words, I suggest you to spell the words instead of saying it hahaha (actually, I also don’t know how to overcome this but will find you guys a solution, I PROMISE!!!)

Until then, so & so


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