Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year Are Gone ^_^

Another Year Are Gone ^_^

There there, another year had just gone from our life. It is time to look bad on our foot print to find out what we have learnt for coming year. As much as I’m saying this, it is my time too to look on my own foot print to see what I’ve gone through throughout 2013! I’ll only share one specific topics which affect me the most instead of sharing tiny and petty stuff yeah.

Hmm let’s see! Where should I begin? Nothing much to share about, all are good here! Perhaps, the first time I leave my home and shift my own to KL for work. It’s not that far from Pahang to KL actually, just 2 and ½ drive will do! Haha, but I told this to my mum that if only mum and dad is not there for me anymore I would have gone to overseas, work there and migrated over there as a citizen! The chances are there and very bright, but just because I don’t want to be too far from my parents for now. I do have ambition to further my life alone, far from family members! Didn’t see that coming in the near future but hopefully yeah haha.

Here have something to talk about haha! Resign from my previous work at Pahang and joined a foreign company again! Joined as administration manager on last year September 2012 and being promoted to office manager on September 2013. All my hard work had been paid off again and of course the pay is much better and higher. Sometime I’m just stunt with my own achievement in my career, in this your age with a higher level position is not something easy for me to do, yet I took the challenge and here I am. Being proud of myself always ^_^

1st degree in law are done, just 2 more paper to go, didn’t plan to do now but will continue on 2013 midyear. Taking additional second degree in corporate law at well know university as a part time student. The craziest part is that being a STUDENT AMBASSADOR on my first semester! How’s that make you feel? I didn’t see that coming too but campus head announced it at notice board as Top Student Ambassador – My name! All the senior was burst out and make a scene at the campus and they are fair enough because I’m just first year student and how that can define me as ambassador. At last, dean was voiced out that it was his decision so no one can question, his decision is ultimate and I was speechless! Anyway, I’m being paid for that and lost more things to do at campus of course!

Love ^_^
Here comes the interesting part, save the best for the last haha. Nah, I’m still single and only Dam hyung know about the story haha. Alright alright, I’ll story a little yeah. I know this guy name Sant and know him about for 2 weeks, been trying to know him better and he was sacrifice his time and effort to visit me at night after work all the way from Sunway to Ampang! That’s really far and he travel by train, that’s make him so sweet. He is a nice and kind guy, he has got all the characteristic that I always been looking forward since then but I have no idea why I just can’t have feelings for him, not even 1%! Yes, at first I liked him but day after day the feelings start to fade away, I tried to figure it out why even Abang Dam asks me whether is this about another guy! Hell no, I don’t have feeling for anyone, seriously! At last, I decided to be friend with Sant and he accepted my request, I know this is the best for me and him because I can’t lie to myself and to him pretending to have feelings for him. I rather break his intention now then hurt his heart later when he loves me. One thing that I can understand is, I can no longer give commitment to anyone anymore, not more than friends! Let’s talk more one my next entry.

I think this sumps up my journey for 2013, as I said, nothing major to be shared except for love haha as always. Let’s spare that for future entry ok and now let’s say good bye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with cheerful. Forget the pain in the past and keep those wonderful memories in your brain locker! Everytime before you sleep, close your eyes, retreat all those memories and feel it, feel the happiness, feel the warm and be happy always ;)

Ps: The last post for 2013 ^_^

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince


Anonymous said...

Happy new year 2014!!!
Nak kenal the legend prince..hopefully dpt la..tq

Kim.. :-)

The Legends Prince said...

Hi Kim,

Happy New Year too, may this year bring you more luck and all the best for your life yeah ^_^

Haha you're always welcome to know me, drop me an email. Catch up there then ;)

kindaichi kid said...

Happy New Year...:-)

The Legends Prince said...

Happy new year too Kid, have a good one yeah ;)

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Thank you so much.. :-) my email address :