Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey guys, sorry for being away for a while. I was really busy with works plus with few days course at Subang. Ok, some of you might get boring because I'd talk about love before right but is up to you guys whether want to read or not, I just putting what I feel from time to time. Our feeling always change so we might come out with different kind of thinking so here's what I'd though yesterday.

As you al know, love the most beautiful and precious things in our life but there are few people who at first struggling and looking for love but will not appreciate it after get it, will struggle again after lost it so what's the point you finding for love if you cannot take care of it. Actually, most of us are the same as what did I mentioned above, include me. When I was around 17, that was the time I looking for love and promised myself will appreciate it if found but what was happen after I found was that I didn't really appreciate it and I lost it. Perhaps, it was my first love and lack of experience so I forgive myself for that but I learn from it so that I can be more becareful in future.

If you guys really observe those people who looking or desperate love, they'll look at the guy face and whether he rich or not to afford buy stuff for them! Hahaha sometime when my friend told me about this, I started to laugh! Is not that I look down at them but don't they realize that love should come base on two true heart which prepared to love each other? Love is not just looking for a partner where you can proud of but more to love each other and take care one another all the time.

There'll be a period where you hardly to believe your bf but remember, love is all about trust! Without trust love is a normal word that we use in our daily life without any feelings. Love can happen on anyone, don't be afraid to express it. It doesn't matter who you love, it might be you father, mother, siblings, friends or the people you like the most, no harm saying that you love them. Love is also like an accident that we can predict when it could be happen, it just happen just like that. Sometime it would take longer time to fall in love and sometime it just took 1 second to fall in love, it's all depend on that person. But sometime, we must know to identify love and lust, well lust is a different topic so we just skip that past instead.

When you have a conflict do not ever make a conclusion without knowing the truth, always ask why and hear the fact on his side. Even sometime is hard but is better to know the truth of the other part rather suffer at the end of the day. Recently, I experienced different kind of situation as above and I'm not sure whether you guys did experienced before. As I told before, there are few guys who like me from day to day and below are the situation:

Well, he's not that handsome nor ugly but he's really kind and romantic. He'd told me that he started to love before I love Alif but he didn't want to tell me since he knew that I love some one else but guess what, he straight away proposed to me once after he realize that I broke with Alif hahaha. He's a funny guy who like to make smile always even I feel down sometime.

Hmmm nothing much about him but I would rather say he not really clear about himself as well. He not sure what he wanted in his life, guess what guys! There one time I told him that don't put too much hope on me and he turned to like other guys, not a problem for me though but he love a guy who already have a bf hahahaha like scandal! Hmmm all I can do is advice him but the decision is his. I ask him to take time for think about it as I needed time as well, the love feelings is not just there in my heart.

Before break with him, he don't have the feelings on me but after break he started to love me hahaha. He's not romantic but I just simply like him even now hahaha. Is not he is handsome or whatsoever , perhaps, he understand me well :)

However, there're few who started to put some words on me and not to mention here, perhaps in future after they started to have real feelings on me hehe. As for now, I'm not ready to love yet. Not that I don't want to love anymore but I don't want to rush into this. I want to take more time for myself and enjoy my life first by having lot's of friends around me :)


Naga Sepi said...

hahaha~~~ u got alot of things going on there...a lil bit too much huh? ahahaha~ can u handle the heat lil bro? ngeeeee~~~

all the best
make sure it is what u want instead of is it what they want :P Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

hotnyerrr Pat.. mcm pisang goreng panas... keh keh keh

Anonymous said...

mmm x abis2 budget comei ..muhahahahaha

Prince Patrick said...

Daus: Indeed alot but don't worry I can handle everything :)

Zack: Hot kan, kan kan kan...heheheh

Numan: Wah ada orang jeles erk abang Numan....hahahahah

Rowck Boiz said...

i guest better u enjoy ur life 1 then after u feel alone and need somebody n then try search a charming prince ok lil boy

Prince Patrick said...

Rowck: Hahahaha I've no time to enjoy y life for now but thanks for the advice :)