Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crush again..!

Damn, yesterday I went to KFC with my friend to have our gossiping session hahax. As normal, me and my friend straight to the KFC counter that Azmi worked before. Well, I've been there so many time so I'd noticed the manager work there but my mind didn't came across to know more about him, yesterday after we bought some meals and I bring it up to the second floor as usual.

After I sat, my friend told me that :

Friend: Do you know that guy?

Me: Who?

Friend: The guy at the counter lah...

Me: There's a lot of guy at counter!

Friend: The one who served us just now.

Me: No, why?

Friend: He ask me whether are you working together with me and I said yes but before not now.

Me: I don't know who is he!

At first I just forget about it but after I go back home, all of sudden he came to my mind hahax. Well, I think I crushed on him and search for his profile in FB, guess what! I manage to found it. After so many people like me and at last I crush on someone hahax. Want to see his picture? Here you go!

Handsome right? But I think he already have someone tho since he wearing a ring and moreover who want to be single by having a good looking face like him right hahax. Therefore, crush will be remain as a crush on him :)

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Anonymous said...

Im a good looking guy but still single .. such a waste kan ..hak hak hak

Prince Patrick said...

Numan: Don't worry abang Numan, god already created someone for you. All you need to do is just wait. Despite, love is like an accident and happen through your heart but not by your good looking :)