Wednesday, September 21, 2011

De-activation of FB

Yesterday, I officially deactivated my facebook due to Azmi's action which had made my heart so hurt. I just have no reason why am I so attached to him but since yesterday, everything ended!

I don't know how long the deactivation will be back to activate. It might be temporary or might be life long. It's all depends on the situation and my mood, if I feel comfortable without FB then I'll just live without it. I can, can live without.

I'm just wondering why he cannot be honest with me? If he just wanted sex, he could have just tell me instead of make me love at him. Nevermind, I'm going to live in my own world without anyone. I just feel good without anyone around me! Yes, I wanted a hand to hold me but I realize that I'm strong enough to rise again by myself without anyone. After this, everything will be on my own without looking for anyone...

Ps: I'm sorry for those who added my in FB, I really appreciate yours friendship with me :)
Pss: If you wanted to contact me by either my email of mobile, you can always request from here Just drop me an email and I'll consider about it :)

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