Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not to worry :)

Hey everyone, everything back to track after been through a complicate situation couple of days ago. For this time being, even I'm not going to get that close with Azmi but just make it slowly and slowly get away from him. It means SMS and call will be limited for him, if he massage the I'll reply and not going to reply him. It's hard to get rid of the feelings towards him but this is the right way at this time being to get away from him slowly. Sometime, I do badly miss him and I just don't get it why am I so attracted to him hahaha.

However, I'm dating with a guy name Amir. I'm such a bitch hahax. It doesn't mean that I'm so desperate even it looks like it but sometime I just feel so lonely. Talk about Amir, I can't talk too much because I just get to know him. He's a bit shotter than me, fair and talk a lot hahahaha. Well, I believe people who talk a lot will always honest and won't keep anything in their heart, we'll see about in future.

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