Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is it worth...?

After the earlier incident between me and Azmi really hunting me almost everyday! I don't know how to describe, can I say I like him as well? Well, that was the answer I like him but is it worth? I get so confused with this don't know whether I'm on the right track or leading towards to a wrong part?

Until today, I'm not really sure whether he got girlfriend even he said it verbally and he did told me that over and over again! However, he like me as well that's what he told me but a couple of days ago he mentioned in massage that he just want to enjoy with me! Am I a toy for him to enjoy? After I argued on this and replied me "then what else you aspect me to say? Say I'm going to marry you?" Well, I didn't aspect him to marry me but can't he just use some nice words when you talking no matter who you talking to?

The moment he said that, it reminds and made me think that one day he'll going to marry his girlfriend in future so what's the point for me put hope on him? Is it really worth? I just wanted a person who will be mine only. I'm so tired this few days think on this and once again I touched my heart, feel the hear beat!


azRie faRes said...


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on people who are not serious in committing a serious relationship with you. You will get hurt in the end. Ask him and if he's not serious, tell him it's the end and like I always say... NEXT! Hahaha!!!

Prince Patrick said...

azRie faRes: Gegeaq kerbau gelak hahax

Calvin: He's not serious at all but only for sex. Hmm nevermind, next! You'll always will be one of my role model Calvin hahax