Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What will you do if it's you..?

Ok peeps, here's a question for you guys to answer or leave comments after read the question and my story, real story. The question is:

> What will you do if you've feelings for two guys at the same time?

Note: You can describe the feelings in your own term as lust, love, crush or whatever you feel wanted to put it as. Again, you can answer the question after you read my written story or you may give your own opinion/opinion base on the story.

The real story!!! 

A guy named Ashraf, age 19 who is currently studying for his paramedic at one well know college at Cyberjaya. Ok, to not let all of you get confused let me make the full story, how to start! 

A couple of weeks ago, there's one new family moved in to my residents area just opposite of my house but that time I didn't care much because I was busy with my own stuff until the Raya session. Well, I must sure that all the family will back to their home town to celebrate and same goes to this family when all their family back home together with this guy with a motorbike and a girl sitting back behind him, come on guys if you yourself saw it, sure you must though he is married and I'd think such too!

I don't it's miracle or it just to happen, one of the guy well I don't know how many guys in their family but a guy in his middle 30 know my mum, he told my mum that he know me but the truth is I never know him. Believe me, this is isn't about him! Anyway, I just get rid of it since it's not really important for me to think. A day after I started to realize there's a guy who always kept looking at me, the facts that he is handsome is undeniable. Again, I though he is married so I didn't think much as well until everyone is back and this guy still stick around his house.

Day after day, it become really obvious that he is looking at me and I just kept pretend that I didn't look at him. From far, he is look like age around 25, that kind mature face. I was like whatever! I mean who want to tackle a married man anyway, right? But far inside my heart there's a tiny little feelings kept saying *how good if he is my bf*! It was just an crush to be precise but everything change on 24th, here comes the story hit me like storm until today.

It was about 10pm, I was all alone sitting outside of my house playing with my iPad and that guy is doing something with his bike alone too. I didn't care much about him but after a while he started his bike and I don't know what strike-d my feelings saying *how nice if he walk towards me and talk to me*! Guess what people, again I'm sure whether is this miracle or whatever you can all but he ride his bike right towards me. I was indeed shock and my whole body is freezing! Damn, this is not right at all. I mean I don't know what should I do, talk to him? Go back inside home? What? Owh god, my heart almost explode that time, seriously I don't know what should I do that time. Here's how the conversation started:

Ash: Lu free tak esok? 

Me: Erk xpasti lagi sbb sy kene attend wedding function.

Ash: Pukul berapa habis? Boleh temankan saya ker Lipis?

Me: Hmm kalau kul 1 mungkin boleh kot. Buat aper kat Lipis?

Ash: Nak beli side mirror motor

Me: Oh ok...boleh jew :)

Ash: U perasaan tak yang saya selalu tgk you

Me: Owh yeker, sy tak perasaan plak. (padahal nampak jew)

Ash: Sy nampak you lain lah, nak kenal...

Me: Haha lain? Lain macam maner plak?

Ash: Selalu berseorangan, xcampur ngan orang lain. Sy pun mcm u jugak, so sy mcam boleh kenal lah haha

Me: owh ok hahaha...

Rest of the conversation is all about our work, studies and future. One thing I notice is, whatever I said he'll reply *samalah kita* I was like what the hell is this and what he want from me? Or is this really a coincident? Since that day, the feelings for him started to grow slowly till today! 

Even until now, he still look at me with no doubt.The feelings inside me even grow more when he look at me. I do get confused with myself and my feelings towards him, I know it's not right but at the same time I can't get rid of the feelings. And I know some of you may think that me and Jef is already in the relationship but that's not true, I'm saying this not because to support my feelings so that I'll accept this guy but me and Jef is in the dating process, I'm telling the truth!

I can certainly say this is a lust or crush. Owh come on people for god sake, I'm not even know him fully and  how can I just fall in love in a split second! Yes, I know love can happen any time but don't you people think this is too early to say this is love? Well, I'm trying my level best to get rid of this feelings and I'm not going to hurt anyone, people hurt me yes but I'll never ever do that to anyone!

So, it's your call people. You can answer the question now. Good luck peeps!

PS: There'll be another story coming up about what going to happen today! Just stay tune, what else could I say haha....


Abang Zai said...

Good...3some :)

Prince Patrick said...

Thanks for the opinion bang Zai! Haha