Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coming Out....

Coming out…

I’m ready to come out actually! After all this tough years struggling to show my true identity but with condition of course. I cant just go out and tell people that I’m day, gile aper!

When I realised that I am gay, the first thing that was crossed my mind how should I tell parents about this, you know lah all this kampung old people. Imagine if I tell them that Im gay and they will be like “what was that? Food or something?” But compare to current calture, we all know what is that mean, even a kid know what is that.

I have been struggling with my own feeling by covering up with people around me and all of you guys are under same tunnel, arent you guys? I think Im gay for the passed 13 years and the first person know that I’m gay is my foster sister and she accept me as I am and some of my friends know which I couldn’t care much, you know lah all this chinese thinking!

I haven’t think about coming out for so many years, but until recently, when I moved in to stay with my family member and started to have some problem but she said she knew that I’m gay and het know my boyfriend too. Well, why I move in at the first place is a entirely different story.

So when we started to have problem and my bf knew about it because I share everything with him and this is when I decided that I’m ready to coe out actually. My parents aware of the issue but didn’t know what I am but I bet one day she’ll definitely tell them which I’m ready to face it.

I know it’s not a nice thing to know by the parents but how long I need to run from the reality, I’m tired and can’t afford to run anymore. Well, I’m prepared myself to face the worst and not worry at all, I have got a good career with a good position and pay, have all the contigency plan ready and above all, have a full supportive boyfriend who stood beside me all times.

So this is it, I don’t care anymore and I’m ready to come out!

Until then,
So & So

The Legend Prince


adamiedamuss said...

What? Abg tak sangka..
Hak hak hak..
Drama sgt..

Gudluck my bro.. ; )

Nu'man Qatadah said...

Pat ..
Slowly k
Don't surprise ur parents tetiba cakap u gay all the way .. ada bf bagai.. u know kan all this kampung type ..haha

Have some conversation dulu .. light and deep conversation .. observe it 1st. Rasa2 diorang dah paham. Then you go. :p

Gibb Zernow said...

i think its okay to come out if u think u r ready for the consequences...

kadang2 bila kita come out tu, kita akan rasa kurang sedikit tekanan dan beban yang dipikul, even that person boleh terima kita seadanya ataupun tidak.

Mr. Unknown said...

Good luck dude !

The Legends Prince said...

Adam: Haha sometime, I just full of surprises, didn't I :D

Numan: Nah, don't worry bang. I won't tell or reveal until or unless someone else put the seed thought!

Gibb:n Kan....after dah reveal feel like you're free to do feel so relax.

Unknown: Thanks!

i'm shin... i'm inesen said...

hurmm honesty la.. shin rasa no need pon nk bagitau parent or family bagai.. takot makin kusut dan rumit.. la ni benda ni memberi masalah ke.. still leh ber bf kan.. continue je la life yak sedia ada ni mcm biasa..

zhu said...

Good luck! i think it's good that more gay people realized the need to come out in the bid to live authentic lives. whatever you are, family have to learn the value of unconditional love. my experience of coming out was difficult, but it was worth it. Things aren't always smooth, but at least I'm not hiding anything from my family.

Adlexus said...

Coming out is good if you feel its the right time and place. Take it slow and easy :)
All the best!

marcus sequerah said...

It's good that you come out about but remember their your folks and you have accept it whatever they say ...

The Legends Prince said...

Adlexus: Thanks for the support buddy

Marcus: *hug*