Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm Back!

I’m back!

And I decided to come back to blogging world, kinda drama king lah me! Haha…..

The reason why I decided to delete my blog earlier is because I felt like I have too much social apps like wechat, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter, blog and tumblr. So I was thingking like must cut down a few and my blog became the victim of it haha. Plus, I do not want to keep all my past sour memories with me, not that because I have happy life now but some time revising back those old days memories, I felt so ugly!

I was kinda active in Tumblr for a while but looking back to all my hard work that I invested in my blog designing and the writing and above all, all my followers who been with me all this while. I couldn’t abandon them with no reason, I believe they do read my writings about my life all this while.

However, at one point of time, I do felt like keeping a boundary or limit myself in sharing what is happening in my life, just want to be felt exclusive some time. I do often remind myself that letting people know what is happening in my life, it can be guidance for others. I have this feeling of helping peoples recently, I have got so much of plan and thinking that is connecting in my small and cute brain.

Saying this, I do limit myself for not posting any kind of personal photos of me and photos that involved me. If you really do wanna know what is going on my daily life, then you may request for my Instagram or facebook or even twitter ID, but remember to request it via personal channel either by email or leave your email in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

Many things that in my brain that I do want to share but due to time constraint, I couldn’t write so much at the moment. But but, I’ll come back soon and write more and more just for you guys.  

And yeah, most of you must aware that I have changed the URL of my blog to and also changed the team of my blog so make it whither and nicer haha! My heart is pure maaaaaaa!!!! *roll eyes*

Until then,
So & So

Wo Jiao Patrick


Adrian said...

Doesn't it feel good to be back? Hehe. I've also had plans to shut mine but been blogging for 6-7 years, can't do it.

Hope to hear more stories from you soon!

Wo Jiao Patrick said...

Hahaha I feel fabulous to come back and committed to write more!

Thanks for the support Adrian ;)