Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All about me.... (Part 1)

Good morning everyone, sorry for being away from blog for few days, just feel like wanted to spend some of my time alone. Thanks to bang Daus for chat with me yesterday, really appreciate that. So for this time entry will be all about me since from small till now, I'll try to compress the story and try to make it short. Is all about my childhood life, school, family, friends and my personal life story and I'm aspect-ing not too long, let me straight to the point.

My name is Patrick (nick name) and there's a real name for me though but not to mention here, not that want to hide but I rather encourage people call me Patrick than the other one. Talking about my name, I've got lots of nick name especially in my family. I've got a lovely parents who always like to scold me like my mum, I just simply love the way she scold me and I'll simply make her angry in order to scold me, how stupid I are! My dad, scold of course yes but never beat me before, he such a loving dad but I love my mum more than others, she always the best for me in the world. Hm about my siblings 2 brother and 1 sister which all of the are married with kids, which not that loving one but at least would smile at me, not so much of stories about that, perhaps, I'm lazy to talk about them hahahaha.

Talking about my school life, is the most fun time in my life especially when I was in primary school. I'm seriously don't know I hate schools during that time, always don't finish my homework and the most best part was that hide all the homework book in my father car as the back of the seat hahahaha and when almost reach school will tell my dad that my left my book at house. My dad will driver me back and look for the book, guess what, one day my stupid sister found out my brilliant idea, how bad she is man, that's why I hate her sometime! She always like to bully me when I was small. After I enter standard 4, I'd change my attitudes all of sudden and starts to be hard working in study until now, never stop studying just simply like it. School life, hm the most fun time with among the friends and teacher.

Come to friends, yes I'm friendly type with everyone no matter they are rick or poor, what religion they are! For me, we all are human which created by god! Is good to have a friends which know you better but there's one kind of people when use you by the name of friends! For me is simple, if you need help just tell me straight forward, I'll try my level best to help you and if can't I'll tell you that I'm sorry. But never use the words best friend when you don't know the real meaning. I'm a kind of person where when you accept me as your friend, I'll be with you and help you no matter what. Anyway, friends is for helping each other though, right? Hm I've been go through a lot with my friends, some say I'm arrogant and don't want to be friends with them. Is not that I'm arrogant but I rather do like to stay alone and thinking my own stuff, I don't know why but I just being like that since I was small!

Now, is time to talk about the real me! As all of you know, yes I'm gay so what! I neither wanted to be like this but I'd born this way, so what could I do? God created me and not blaming him either because he knows better of what he is doing. I've this kind of feelings since I was small when starting to know about the world and I'm like this not because I've been seduce neither raped by some crazy people out there. I know most of us become PLU because taken advantages or misused by some guys where desperately needed sex, perhaps need hole to pump in! Well, I'm not being used like I said, I naturally born this way! I like to see guys since I small and get hard, involve in real gay world when I was in standard six when it was my first masturbation trial tough by my straight friend which is same age with me. Started to love the same sex, so call boyfriend when I was 17th which is quite young but matured enough to think the right things for myself.

As all of you aware, I've got through a lot in my life in this young age! Many of them said that I really look matured then others by way of thinking and my appearance. I don't know how good I am but I'm trying to be the good one. Everyone have their weakness and same applies to me, I would never denied that because I know myself better when ever I made a mistake and that's was the right time for me to spot my weakness! I'm quite surprised with my own achievement even though I happy and proud of myself, I shall not mention thousand time what's my achievement was but one or two would be to good which is my current carrier and my study! My study, not to talk too much, studying law under university of London which I need to put all my effort to achieve my childhood dream. Is not easy to aim a dream and work it out, it happens to me when I was trying to persue my dreams (which I"ll talk some other time) but I tried really hard and guess what, I studying what I want.

My carrier, which is a challenging part in my life but I really enjoying it with my 200 workers under me which I need to control and my office work. Even is a bit hard for me but nothing is impossible for me. No matter how many time I fall, I'll rise again! This is me, I don't care what others think about me because none of them know what my life journey was but if they want to talk, please carry on with my pleasure because I've got nothing to loose, it ain't hurt me that much like before this.

Ok guys, I'll talk the rest later or my tomorrow since I'm free tomorrow and sunday. So stay tune!


Naga Sepi said...

letih gak baca...but all i can is that, can't wait for Part 2 :))


Anonymous said...

Wow.. Pat study law.. terrer sehh.. i am impressed on how good u segregate your time between career and study.. all the best bro..

Prince Patrick said...

Bang Daus: Part 2 is published, thanks for reading :)

Bang Zack: Is all up to you on how you want segregate your time. Anyway, thanks bang zack :)