Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simple... yet make me happy !

Good morning everyone! Ok, this will be a short entry and not going to talk all my routine today. Yesterday (26th August 2011), I received a Raya card. Guess from who is that? Hahaha from Safar, I never though that he'll send one for me because I'd never received any Raya card before and of course why would receive one since I'm not celebrating Raya right but sometime is good to send or receive all festival card from all friends to let them or us to know our friendship is still alive as usual.

But the card that Safar sent to me yesterday, made me melt entirely and fall for him. I'd mentioned about him in previous entry, he started to like me long time ago but only recently he told me, I think about 5 months ago. He seems really love me! Ok, is time to enjoy picture :)

For those who wanted password, kindly email to me after "click" the advertisement! Don't cheat and play play with me ar hahahah.

P/S: Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends abang Zack, Abang Dam, Abang Numan, Abang Daus, Abang John, qemal and all friends in my blog :)

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