Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whenever I feel sad, happy and missing someone....!

Hey guys, I'm considering to make my future entry as a short entry instead of making a long one but in case I've something to talk more then yes for a long entry. Talking about today entry, not going to make long one but just a short one thought.

I'm not sure how about others but me, whenever I feel sad, happy or missing someone always put my hand on my chest and feel the heartbeat. And tell myself, don't worry Patrick everything will be alright, I always with you.

Yes, it won't make someone can hear but it make me calm and happy. At least I know I always be with me and this is how I make myself feel happy :)


Raja Bhutan or Putera Bunian said...

it's the right thing to do and remember when your hand covers your heart, you have also captured mine :)

Zack Hunter said...

haha.. bgs la hang buat entry pendek2 skit.. pasni tak ler juling mata aku membaca entry pajang lebar lagi..

numan-qatadah said...

aku setuju aper saje Zack kate ..haha

JoHn said...

Aku paling setuju dengan watak suci yg hang tonjolkan dlm gambar tu... tangan kat dada.....

Prince Patrick said...

Raja: Nice quotes :)

Zack: Ok bang Zack :)

Numan: :)

John: Hahahaha thanks bang John, aku memang suci sesuci awan yang putih itu hahahah