Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The person who I always talk to....!

Actually most of my friends either in my blogs or outside around me thought that my blog is the only place for me to express my feelings. No, the answer is wrong!

There's someone who is really important in my life who always with me! His name is BoyBoy, cute right the name hehe :p He can't talk but merely can hear what I tell and share to him, he is the only place I can talk freely and he know most of my secrets that I'd never mentioned in this blog. He is really close to me, he'll sleep with me all the night thought.

You guys want to see who is BoyBoy? Let's follow me!

**He is my lovely and cute BoyBoy~!

After all he is only place show my feelings, sad, happy, smile, cry and ect ect! I love you so much boy boy :) No matter what happen he'll always be with me!


Raja Bhutan or Putera Bunian said...

Good idea, I did the same.. at least secret is safe!

Zack Hunter said...

cute la BoyBoy.. pinjam sat boleh.. keh keh keh

numan-qatadah said...

aku x pernah pon ader teddy bear ..
sebab aku pon dah cute macam teddy bear .so huggable ..hak hak hak

Prince Patrick said...

Raja: Hahahah happy to hear that :)

Zack: Eh maner boleh bang zack, boyboy hanya saya punyer :p

Numan: Hahahahah cute lah sangat....